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yeah im sex positive. positive that it sucks shit ! we should all be playing the default chess app on the computer

here's my vectorized HD edition of the original comic they're from

i've lost the link (oops)

Something I can't get out of my head the past week: "y'all ever" pronounced like Oliver but with a leading Y

Healthily Problematic For The Sake of The Self

dudebro: the reboot of [insert franchise here] is awful

me: i absolutely agree. the creators clearly have no respect for the original material; it's a piss-poor mockery of everything the series stood for

dudebro: :thonking: it must be because they added women


me: what

me: i really don't like this reboot. the writing is terrible, it goes against everything good about the original, and they somehow managed to make it even more racist

"leftist": ah so youre a [insert ableist slur]? the new series is perfect and flawless actually. only a CONSERVATIVE would ever say otherwise


me: what

the existence of a "hellscape" implies the esistence of an equal, though opposite, "heavenscape"

i've gone from laughing about this to being fuckin pissed

my real name is an old family name passed down for generations meaning "savior" but my assassin name is craig

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Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of Shield Cat, and I've written up a blog talking about how far the game's come as well as where it's going. Thank you guys for supporting me, and here's to more Shield Cat!

⚠ Church Reminder ⚠

Dear churchgoers,

There are, in fact, two wolves inside of you and they need to be feed and taken for walkies. Please don't forget!

Your council

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