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Thank you and @snailerotica for your work. Thank you to my wonderful patrons for supporting me during it!

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Discord: hy#1704

My DMs are always open for anything !

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I am a trans game developer and web nerd. I program, make models, draw art, and lots of other little things ! I love cute monsters !!

wikipedia quote of the day

"People who are Extremely Online often believe that posts online are very important."

It’s a sleepy tea time in the plaza, and you are a juicy monster.

Does anyone know how to get tracery bots hosted on Cheap Bots Toot Sweet to post unlisted from within the code ? the modules for the bot aren't saving my changes.


ska hearts

I'm now offering the classic CharaSelect icons for my Patrons for $30 US :O Please click here for more info:

ok i looked it up just to check myself and

yes indeed folks, there is scientific evidence that tetris is useful in the treatment of ptsd

people who went through something traumatic (in this case, car crashes) and then are asked to play some tetris relatively soon after (within about 24 hours) end up with less flashbacks

because brain is all "oh shit something bad happened, we should remember that always and all the time and - ooooh are those stacky blocks i LOVE stacky blocks"

further studies show that it may work a couple days after trauma, too and that tetris may just be really effective in terms of being something to give your brain to think about other than trauma during a flashback

so what i'm saying is

we live in a time where a couple years from now you may get prescribed tetris by a doctor,

Programming, low-effort meme 

"Ame why do you drink so much water and nothing else"
*puts on anime glare glasses* "my brain works at an elevated level and needs the hydration to keep the neuron flow as fast as possible without overloading synapses, which allows me to program and solve complex equations faster than a normal human"

Reality: *leaning back, staring at screen with intermittent sips, occasionally leaning forward to type something*

did you know that transparent aluminium is a thing that exists? it’s kind of amazing.

The standard pc audio port colors look like a pride flag

Analog rights

This fox has gone to space!! Where is she going? This is a redraw of an earlier pic, really pleased with the results of this one!

I posted this to my new FurAffinity account, check it out!

I've always hated Christmas, and now Christmas is my new normal

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