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I was able to get all the gems except the rainbow gem in the new demo. Even ripping the stage object I can see where it's supposed to be but it's not appearing :S Any ideas ?

Thanks for everyone that joined the stream !! If you missed it, check out the VOD here:

Trying out that new Sonic 06 Unity demo !!!!!! Come check it out !! :chaogameing: Show more

Blown away today by the reveal that Unity uses YAML for its .anim format

Able Gamers released a website on all things accessibility in videogames!!

This is how y'all look
"Hmm, saying 'triggered' and making fun of trigger warnings is demeaning toward people with PTSD and other people who are uncomfortable with certain subject matter, and I know and respect that, but this post triggered me"

"that looks like a Pikmin"

Hey ! What's this kind of emoti-ball ?
For Indigo_Orbital

"planting beans and gardening"

It's in the heart of all Chao to take care of others.

reminder to follow @sawdust for updates on my game

I boost all posts from it here, but following that account is a good way to express interest (and maybe I'll have followers-only bonus content at some point, who knows)

Localization has been implemented. For testing, I implemented a dynamic Pig Latin language that uses the English language data.

it'd be nice if my antivirus told me *how* this program was being suspicious so i could be better informed about whether i want to allow it

Hopkins, walking around: *squeak squeak squeak squeak pop* HOPKINS IS 𝗗𝗘𝗔𝗗

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