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pannenkoek2012 was good actually you all are just mean

THERE we go

there's still a lot to smooth out regarding animation and whatnot but the core idea is here!!!

Today I did my first sew because nami and I both had buttons we needed to re-sew so I fixed the button on my jacket pocket !!! The thread wildly stands out but nami was using the black thread already u.u,
Here's my haphazard, unreferenced sew compared to the original sew !!

considering this was my first and i did not reference the other button at all for symmetry i'm p proud of my work as shoddy as it is. mostly because i have a functioning pocket again.

a map of polish cities with 'owo' at the end of their name

acnh, cursed food? maybe? 

an isekai but the protag falls into the world of JumpStart educational video games

commission for ayche of two sandslash relaxing on the beach. here's the full res, if you wanna use it as a wallpaper

commission me!

here's the 4:3 layout again for comparison. I basically made a whole new layout just for widescreen stuff

trolley problem, loss meme 

I've sent out a message to a select few patrons to include their mark in an upcoming arcade game. If you are a patron and did not receive this message-- no worries ! You'll still be included in the release.
If you did receive the message and wish to rescind your insignia, I will gladly pass on the gift to the next person. Thank you so much!

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