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Thank you and @snailerotica for your work. Thank you to my wonderful patrons for supporting me during it!

Get BIBI: Cargo Chase at

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Discord: hy#1704

My DMs are always open for anything !

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I am a trans game developer and web nerd. I program, make models, draw art, and lots of other little things ! I love cute monsters !!

"ipv4 address exhaustion" refers to the phenomenon where i am painfully fucking tired of having half an internet connection

Which is heavier, water or butane? 

Water. Butane is a lighter fluid.

It makes me incredibly mad that we live in an economic system where companies aren't successful by providing goods or services to lots of people and being good at it; they become successful by turning into police forces, lobbying agencies, subcontracting pyramid schemes or, as in this case, banks

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(examining a printout) The pattern is clear: Quagsire is good

re: physical health, satire 

imagine all my suffering in life is caused by an underactive thyroid. fucked up and stupid

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physical health (+) 

I've been talking to my dad about my pain and fatigue issues. He suggested it was an autoimmune disorder, which seemed apparent to me. He told my sibling about our conversation, and they mentioned a half-sister was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder recently. It's one that causes hypothyroidism (something I've had since before I was a teen, and that both my sib and dad have) and can appear alongside celiac.

I feel like this lead might be an answer. I'm hopeful.

pda, open ended 

i dont care what we are if it means i get to love you in exactly the way you want me to

*remembers chaz gelf* you were so key to my upcoming

My partner was watching a stream (who knows what it was) and the streamer found this gira daki. I would love this so much...

a commission for @jarbajedump on twitter! the solar system in geometric form.

Does anyone know if it’s safe to Retrobrite colored ABS plastics?

I have a Sega Pico Beena that was very clearly originally pink but has turned to a salmon-orange color.


Here's an actual dragon worth appreciating for dragon appreciation day. This is's Pax, just as a planetary sized stuffed animal because he's got so much love to give, and he's a big softy. Also I wanted to get better at texture. Blep.


I love to tell people the technical theory and design of how different halo games work

Quoting the dev from the linked source:

"Another reason to use F-Droid instead: F-Droid app reviewers understand how technology works."

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