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Day 2 ! altered the legs just a tad. wanted to get more of it done but I instead focused my attention to the boot. Added a very quick cockpit segment so I can have more frame of reference for things. I'm diggin it !!

You can also use some cheat table stuff too !!! I wanna see what more can be done...

Today @drummingz and I wanted to try to play SA2B together and I can tell you officially it was a success 👀👀👀 :chaogameing:

its not listed but i support u and that ur valid??

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A few people have asked me about Lance being visible behind the environment and the easiest solution I have for this is just drawing a mostly transparent Lance over the entire scene at the end, so Lance is always just visible

What do you think?

i commed technojara to do an outfit design for secta and its so good im going to physically perish

wanted to recreate eggman's mech for real (with weird attention to details and some creative liberties based around those details)
So far trying to wrap my head around how the mech is "jointed" along with relative scalings

An FYI, Payless is closing ALL their stores after an private equity firm saddled them with more debt than could be paid (same thing happened to Toys R Us).

So if you were looking for inexpensive shoes, now is the time to do it I guess.

Pour one out for the retail crowd.

might i offer you some pupys in these trying times

pink unbranded and Linus-free version for all your snootposting needs

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