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Thank you and @snailerotica for your work. Thank you to my wonderful patrons for supporting me during it!

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trans men ARE men
trans women ARE women
nonbinary people ARE owed $20 for every time they're misgendered

Honestly the Monty's Revenge minigame in Mario Party 7 should have been called Mole Reversal as a play on "role reversal" with Monty Mole

neopets, post-tf, anthro 

Dear Google how do I make my own internet and name resolutions so I can assign websites to my own ip addresses and make nes.coolvideogames.secret a reality

It looks like a ram card but it is definitely not one

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why do people hate sonic adventure 2
(asking from non-speedrunners btw if you speedrun sa2 you have a whole different means of complaints)

i fucking hate "egg" shit. it's like you've worked so hard to escape the box society's shoved you in, only to immediately shove other people into a box under the guise of "i know you better than you know yourself"

if you're reading this and still thinking "but this guy i know is definitely trans": congrats! mind your own fucking business

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the absolute worst shit that can happen to a newly-trans person is to have a fuckload of assumptions about their new identity dumped onto em

give people time to work their shit out. if they want help, they'll ask for it.

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