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Thank you and @snailerotica for your work. Thank you to my wonderful patrons for supporting me during it!

Get BIBI: Cargo Chase at

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📍Contact me! 

Discord: hy#1704

My DMs are always open for anything !

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I am a trans game developer and web nerd. I program, make models, draw art, and lots of other little things ! I love cute monsters !!

Fandom sucks: ublock customscript for making it browseable :boost_ok:​ 

I don't know if this will help Gamefaqs and the other shit Fandom acquired be useable, but whoever (on Here) added these ublock scripts to make fandom browseable is my hero.

Add the following to your filters list:

! blockathon > .wds-dropdowntoggle > .wds-global-navigationlink-button.wds-is-secondary.wds-button

a couple extra lines to add re: Fandom sucks: ublock customscript for making it browseable :boost_ok:​ 

@lapis if you get annoyed by the yellow popup that appears when you select text on fandom wikis then go ahead and add these lines onto the end of that list

the first brand new models -- footwear !! it's taken so long to make these ?!

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the first brand new models -- footwear !! it's taken so long to make these ?!

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at long last, I have finally made all the revamped models for mori. everything from here out is a BRAND NEW MODEL !!!!

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Hey guys. I've written about the SAGE 2022 demo, how it went, and most importantly, the future of Shield Cat. I also wrote about commissions, as well as a glimpse into what's next. Please read it, as it's rather important, thank you

Leak: The FBI has infiltrated the r/Antiwork subreddit.

> The over 2.2 million member subreddit r/antiwork, which was subject to a large swarm of trolls after a Fox News interview in January 2022, appears to have been infiltrated by an FBI informant who may have enabled multiple arrests in the anti-authoritarian community. Laurelai Bailey, an infamous former mod, has likely committed serial rape without facing any legal repercussions, and appears to actively collaborate with the FBI.

> When r/antiwork mods voted to ban Bailey, they were subsequently purged from their mod status by Bailey’s friend u/TeiaRabishu, who is still the top mod. Anarchist mods say that Teia has used this as an opportunity to divert anti-work theory from its anarchist foundations and co-opt it with liberal theory instead, evidently enforcing this through FBI surveillance on the subreddit.

Currently all posts related to the leak are being deleted.


Wish my game was real already so I could play it 🥺

I'm afraid of people, but at least the UV map was similar enough for me reuse then edit to accommodate birds

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so now what i have to do is:
-make better unwraps for all the eyes+mouths
--which entails figuring out what expressions i need as well as how large i need to texture to be
-make better unwraps for all the TAILS
--which also means figuring out how big the texture needs to be
-unwrap all the dress parts

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