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Poetry; "Celestial" 

Poetry; "Your Heart to Earth" (3/3) 

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Poetry; "Simile" 

i could reduce it even more by just using a texture for the cord too

If I wanted to, I could reduce the buttons by over 100 tris but at that point it doesn't look as impressive. There are definitely minor optimisations I can do to bring down tens of tris.
I can also reduce the tris on the wire easily by using just a cylinder for the spiral.

823 tris
-GC: 26
-plug: 39
-wire: 272
-controller: 180
-buttons: 306
12 textures
-6 are 32x32 (buttons use 2, 2 parts of controller decor, top of gamecube, & plug+wire)
-1 controller decor is 32x8
-controller body is 8x8
-3 of console (excl handle) use 32x16
-handle is 16x4

New NINTENDO® GameCube™ available at your nearest Target and Best Buy. Get it before this Christmas 2001 !

i would like to announce this meme as being public domain

Any way you want to
Any way you've got to
Love, Love Me
Love, Love Me

getting possessed by a demon as an analogy for transitioning

It’s a juicy day in the cybercafé, and you are a bubbly dragon.

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