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Thank you and @snailerotica for your work. Thank you to my wonderful patrons for supporting me during it!

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Discord: hy#1704

My DMs are always open for anything !

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I am a trans game developer and web nerd. I program, make models, draw art, and lots of other little things ! I love cute monsters !!

when you accidentally fave a toot bc the timeline skipped, that's a rogue like

It’s an everyday suppertime in the school, and you are a comfortable gecko.

So far and from what I remember:
- Thunderbird has almost died, not sure if it's current state could be called alive
- mozembed
- XULRunner (and other XUL stuff)
- FirefoxOS
- Persona ("Sign In with Mozilla")
- Mozilla Suite (at least Seamonkey is a thing)
- Some libre flash reimplementation, forgot the name shumway maybe?
- Is Servo declared dead with the layoff?
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got the last one uploaded after sending a support ticket !

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very here for the giant kaiju frog reading of scripture

all but one thus far. If these get removed I'm determined to reupload them to my own personal site.

household/domestics tips for disabled folx: clothes dryers 

Hey yall! this is gonna be our big thread of domestics tips! if u have any suggestions or things u would like to know about, ask in the replies! and if u have knowledge on these topics and think you can help, feel free to add a post!

first off, clothes dryers and what you shouldn't put in them! things to avoid:

❌ anything with elastic! the high heat causes the elastic to harden and perish much faster than it would otherwise. this includes elasticated underwear, socks, bras, and anything else you think might have elastic in it

❌ wool! some woollen clothes can be tumble dried, but only if they're made with other materials as well as wool so its always best to check and if you're not sure, air dry it

❌ leather, suede, or faux leather! the heat can make the material become misshapen or cracked. its best to dry clothes like this on a hanger if you can, to keep the shape of the garment

❌ rubber-soled shoes/anything with rubber on it! the heat will make the rubber crack and split over time. if your shoes get wet its best to leave them to air dry for about a day (quicker if you can leave them in direct sunlight) but it's also not recommended to put them on the radiator for the same reasons

❌ silks, lace, and other delicate fabrics! putting these in the dryer can make wrinkles in the fabric set, and ironing them out afterwards is almost impossible

household/domestics tips for disabled folx: dishwashers 

continuing down a similar vein, let's talk about the other hot wet washy mashine, the dishwasher! knowing what you can and can't put in the dishwasher can be an absolute mystery at times, so here's some things to avoid:

❌ wooden spoons/anything with a wooden handle! consistent washes in a dishwasher can make these things start to rot and splinter (although they will survive this every now and again, for when you don't have the spoons to wash your spoons 🥄)

❌ kitchen knives! putting your good knives in the dishwasher is the best way to blunt them fast. if you want to keep them sharp, wash them by hand! (although again, they'll be ok for the occasional run through the dishwasher)

❌ nonstick pans! your dishwasher will eventually wash off the nonstick coating on your pans

❌ iron skillets/frying pans! this is for essentially the same reason as your nonstick pans except it'll wash off the built up grease layer that stops your skillet from sticking

❌ wooden chopping boards! for the same reason as wooden spoons, except you Shouldn't be putting these in the dishwasher at all. it can cause them to split which lets bacteria build up inside them.

remember to always check for a "dishwasher safe" label if youre unsure, or look it up online!

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commission for unclear of his dergsona doing a mario kart! doing all the shiny on this was really fun

For some reason people stopped talking about autonomous zones after the CHAZ was shut down, so most people don’t realize that both George Floyd Square in Minneapolis and the James Talib-Dean Memorial Encampment in Philadelphia are still autonomous 3 months later

They’re also both facing regular threats of invasion and could really use visibility and support. The cops are expecting to be able to clear these places out without anyone else noticing

The last time i asked about it in text was back in December of last year. no leads then but recently my older sister had stumbled across it. i asked if she could make copies and send me the images or something but she ended up having my dad ship out the whole case of them.
so now I have the whole collection of ODS edusoft games that my dad had (plus a few other things) and I'm hoping to put the backups of them on to or something.

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the software was from my dad's college in ohio. he got copies of a lot of the stuff and let us play them as games. i've asked around before with no luck to finding it and after moving out i wanted to get it with me as well. obviously couldn't since no one knew where it was.

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my dad had a collection of educational software that i played a lot as a kid. at some point it got lost just because it'd been handed around a few times and is in a generic disc sleeve binder.
the software was from my dad's college in ohio. he got copies of a lot of the stuff and let us play them as games. i've asked around before with no luck to finding it and after moving out i wanted to get it with me as well. obviously couldn't since no one knew where it was.

when your nintendo game cube gets hungry, make sure to feed it one (1) cheeseburger

put bubsy in animal crossing, cowards

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