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I guess these are common here so I'll give it a try :3

I'm Mex, or iBolt, I am an ermine from North Carolina, a hobbyist dancer and video producer, racing fan, and in my free time I live stream on Twitch - comfy games and dance talk, no partner aspirations here - I play what makes me happy :3

single, cisgender male.

I can be a little stubborn and maybe opinionated sometimes, but all ya gotta do is talk to me about cute animals!

Ok let's see... what would my top 10 favorite dance comp performances of all time be as of now...?

1. Beta Monkey, ANE 2018
2. Fusano & JD, MFF 2022
3. Fur Real, MFF 2014
4. IT, BLFC 2015
5. Fusano, BLFC 2022
6. JD Puppy, ANE 2015
7. Jamage, MFF 2019
8. In Memoriam, Megaplex 2016
9. Atsu Fawx, MFF 2016
10. Furternity, MFF 2013

This is more self-analysis. Might change as times go on.

It really sucks the punisher skull has only really become a way of detecting who's a complete piece of shit.

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