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hi! im Lane, im a colour-changing slime wolfdog and im your friend

i live around Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. im an artist who draws furries (occasionally) and knits (badly). im a transmasc enby (any pronouns except she basically) im queer and im polyam, in an open relationship with my partner whom i love v much :heart_pride:

im dogkin, so im an Actual Real Dog and i love being called puppy by my friends

talk to me! i love making friends

גם אני מדבר קצת עברית!

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non-lewd topless pics, post-top surgery comparison pics, very positive 

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if you follow me and you have no icon, no bio, and no posts im blocking you sorry

phys health negative, medicine 

phys health negative 

caps, idol hell 

caps, idol hell 

ok i posted this on my alt lmao but i thought i should post it here too....

i’m looking for a (preferably) native welsh speaker to help me translate a line in a script for my comic. i can’t pay this time around, but i can offer a little piece of art or something in exchange.

this has the potential to be a reoccurring thing in which i will pay you for your time, as one of my characters is welsh and i may need future assistance bc i don’t want to rely on translators.

thank u! :boost_ok: 🖤

bitmoji is just picrew for straight people

language, relationships, trans stuff 

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conscious brain: it is 6pm

subconscious brain: dark outside. must sleep

Vlinny? *takes a drag from a cigarette made out of hundreds of rolled up printouts of 2014 vinebooru* thats a name i havent heard in a long time

one of my favourite things is making a good joke in a discord server that my sister is also in and immediately hearing her cackle from the next room

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