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non-lewd topless pics, post-top surgery comparison pics, very positive 

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if you follow me and you have no icon, no bio, and no posts im blocking you sorry

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Hi! im lane! im a gay transmasc enby colour changing wolf made of jelly slime and im your friend

im studying IT, but i also do art and post lots of greyhound pics because I love my greyhounds

i often just post about anything im thinking about but i love it when people interact with me even if I don't know them, so feel free to say hi!

גם אם אתה מדבר עברית: שלום! גם אני, אבל אני עדיין רק לומד

hmm im now getting toots from an hour ago above toots from 2 mins ago on my timeline

food mention 


disordered sleep, negative 

disordered sleep, negative, text repetition 

gayposting, pda 


it's so orange in here. all of the time. why did kid me do this to adult me

the problem i have is that 11 year old me decided itd be a great idea to have my bedroom painted bright orange which is hell for 20 year old me because it means drawing traditionally in my room at night is like drawing on my PC with a blue light filter on

i love how tooting "awoo" essentially just starts a pack howl on mastodon

that said the last thing i drew was architectural drawing/background practice

i need to push myself with art. i need to like actually draw scenes and poses and backgrounds

cheap sketch comms? open? it's more likely than you'd think 

honestly like how can you go this long being a big company like this and still have a grammar issue like this on your page for new users

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