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hi! im Lane/Cherry, im a colour-changing slime wolfdog and im your friend

im a furry artist and a photographer! im genderfluid (im lane he/they when masc and cherry they/them when fem, but only call me cherry if i know u pls) im queer and polyam, in an open relationship with my partner whom i love v much :heart_pride:

im dogkin, so im an Actual Real Dog and i love being called puppy

talk to me! i love making friends

גם אני מדבר קצת עברית! אבל אני רק לומד אז אני לא יכול לאמור הרבה

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every time i post you must imagine me running up to you with the post in my mouth and my tail wagging because i have brought you a gift and it sucks and i am so excited

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sfw furry art, feral, boosts ok 

heres my new oc! he's a shiba inu and hes ur friend

i dont have a name for them yet but pronouns are he/they! and i think considering i havent drawn feral in literally 10 years i did pretty good

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if you follow me and you have no icon, no bio, and no posts im blocking you sorry

!!! follower PSA, moving accounts !!!! 

hey folx, i've been on chitter for a very long time and as much as i love this sweet little cosy community i'm making the decision to move to hellsite

i'll be over at from now on!! i love u all see u there :heart_trans:

[small note: from now on i wont be accepting follows from under 18s, this is for personal reasons and i hope u can understand]

pers, family + 

also sometimes my dad will jokingly call him "our third son" when talking to my mum about him and 1. thats so fucking sweet and 2. love that gender euphoria >:3

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Husky users unfollow me now.
Just block me for all I care

pers, family + 

dont get me wrong blood relation doesnt have to mean shit if u dont want it to. but i just feel very lucky and thankful that i get to build a found family on top of my already blood related family and its something i never want to take for granted

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pers + 

this is the same guy who asked me to be his wedding photographer which is why I was so moved by it bc like. he specifically found a safe way to bend the rules for me to let me see him get married because he knew i would want to be there to be present for the happiest moment of his life

thats family. thats what family is

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pers + 

hes always been like a second brother to me hes just kind of always been there and we think of him as family, like we used to take him on cross country holidays with us to see our extended family and everyone was fine with it and really enjoyed him being there and i miss that honestly

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pers + 

its actually pretty fucking cool to have the sort of relationship with my neighbour where i come downstairs and see that he is in my house just fucking chilling and its completely normal

A few days ago, @mozilla sacked 250 of the best FOSS technologists on this planet arguing serious budget constraints.

Today, we learn that Mozilla signed a three-year, $1.2+ billion deal with Google, and expected that to remain under wraps until November.

Despite of the love we have for the work they've done for decades the Mozilla organisation is insulting the FOSS community and its own amazing employees.

Not a good show, @mozilla.

#FOSS #Mozilla #MozillaLifeboat

unpopular opinion - not a subtoot 

As a Brazilian living in Europe, one thing that really bothers me is how some (definitely not all) people here treat South America as some sort of mystic exotic place. The same applies for South and Southeast Asia.

Fetishizing foreign people and their culture only serves to normalize their struggles and impose Western European culture as “the norm”, and hence it’s a form of Cultural Imperialism. Please don’t do that.

dont just punch out racists, punch out the people hand wringing over whether or not its "okay" to hit a racist. its ALWAYS okay to lamp a racist. its NEVER okay to defend one.

Husky Status Update (having a normal one while changing Image Description from Husky -> Tusky) 

Husky dev is in the middle of a normal one.

Latest changeset does the following:

Changes the default image description from Husky to Tusky (this is the important change.)
Blocks the gab block back in
Blocks the following instances,,,,,,

Source: (CW: Risk of Pleroma) (shuffling around blocks) ( changing the image description) ("Fixing" the unit tests that they broke shuffling around the blocks by deleting the tests.)

slime dot global announcement:

husky (app) -> can get fucked

husky (dog) -> good, deserves pats

homestuckposting in 2020, screencap of a youtube comment 

i dont have to tag spoilers on this right. at this point youve either already read homestuck or you will never read homestuck

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homestuckposting in 2020, screencap of a youtube comment 

i both deeply love and violently hate this

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homestuckposting in 2020 

if youve never read homestuck but you like megalovania as a song please listen to this version it goes fucking hard

(video cws for a lot of death and cartoon blood and also a lot of shit that is wild as hell both in and out of context)

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