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A note to prospective readers (on CWs) 

My manuscripts are a work in progress, and only the first 9 to 12 of the currently 30 extant volumes have undergone substantial editing. They're also long, the majority of which exceed 800 pages apiece.

In them you will find depictions of:

• sex, sexuality, and intimacy
• rare instances of dubious consent
• psychiatry and mental health
• medicine and medical procedure
• death, autopsy, and mortuary services

… and other potentially objectionable topics.

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Hi, henlo, yes, this is pomf. I prattle about a sci-fi story universe of space monster boyfriends (and girlfriends) full of queer critters and cozy intimacy (and other things for adults).

Let this toot serve as notice that NSFW content will be boosted, posted, or otherwise discussed.

I want someone to make a "3 Toast Morn" t-shirt that's just three toasters and one of them is popping out toast.

That's it, that's the toot.

Finished in a much more reasonable time today, at 3,770 words for the day~

This scene changed rather considerably from how first it was written, but despite a few issues in getting the words quite right, I feel that it flows far better and feels a bit more coherent, as a pleasantly intimate (and lethargic) morning between Anja and Laika.

Haven't gotten a chance to detail sensuality of that sort in a while, and it's nice to just let them enjoy one another again :heart_lesbian:

It's going to be very interesting to write the deserialization routine, since it, too, has to be recursive.

Maybe I'll play with that a little tomorrow. We shall see.

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Today I wrote a little code for the first time in about 6 months.

It was a tiny sparse octree implementation conceived of on a walk, in ruby, which exploited metaprogramming and the object introspection methods (of object), to provide a linked list style approach.

For serialization, it produced a recursively wound byte stream, using a 1 byte "bitmap" of the octree as a key, and an unsigned short (uint16) for voxel IDs. 0x80** signified a subtree, where ** is the bitmap.

Crank d'at saucier!

— when you're cooking and it's still too damn slow

The more I think through today's scene, the better I feel about it, honestly. Glad I've had some time to do so, for once, since it can be really helpful (both for my writing and mental health) to have some quiet time to reflect on things.

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3,602 words for today.

Took a good hour longer than I'd like, which isn't uncommon after a bad day, but I think I'm happy with the scene. Spent a long while trying to get one part to "feel" right, but it flows better now and actually plays into things appropriately, more or less. Well, as appropriately as ever anything with Yuun is.

Going to see about coming up with notes for tomorrow, to give myself another day before I reattempt yesterday's scene.

Which, mind, all occurred about 2.5 to 3 years *after* the novels' core premise was conceived of as "but what happens if cancerous mutations could be used to avoid cell senescence and attain effective immortality?" after reading about Henrietta Lacks.

Which, again, reflects upon some of humanity's worst attributes.

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Nobody realizes it, but the deepest lore of Eiroth is in fact partially inspired by Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" series, a winter spent with severe burnout, and the worst aspects of humanity.

It really boggles my mind how people still cling to the idea that marketing is somehow a necessary component of society, that its purpose is somehow to 'inform you of the best options to solve your problem'

Are you a boy, or a girl?

(please imagine there's a professor oak image here ...)

Topless, A Bug or Two 

I take a gamble when stepping on the bus. Most times, it takes me straight home.

Sometimes, there's a detour. I'll feel my eyes growing heavy, and my body going slack. I'll fall asleep against the window. But I can still feel the bus turning in unusual directions.

Each time it happens, I'll wake up further and further away from my home to places I don't recognize. Places I can't even explain.

One thing's consistent.

That's who's waiting for me at my new destination.

sketch comm for sryoshi of their characters leaf and fresa getting cuddly

Starbound is one of those extremely cursed games where nothing anyone does to it makes it not an absolute dumpster fire of poor choices.

Which sucks, because I've been wanting to like it since ... 2013? When I originally backed it?

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