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Why have I fallen out of Mastodon? Idk. I just did.

Anyway, I'll try to be active more often :)

Have some BeamNG screenshots!

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drew bottlecap, shes such an old oc, i havent drawn her for like 19 months??
anyway the full ref is up on my instagram, @zaggiiee

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Move note/Hello, chitter! 

Heya! I'm Joel, a 16y/o furry artist and pan enby dog friend! :heart_pan: :heart_nb:

Just moved instances (again), this time from koyu since an instance block removed half of my follows :/

Gonna @ a few mutuals below, just as a notice :)

@yeenbean @MadestMadness @FormulaAzureJackal @masklayer @internetwolf @Elizafox @skootthecat

you might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

why is paypal the standard for online payment IT'S SO BAD

guns, gender 

there’s something about a nice lady asking my pronouns and then handing me a big box of pistol rounds and saying “have fun ma’am” that made me feel incredibly proud to be an american for one shining moment

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Netflix is where a comedian can go to make sure their list of stand-up specials takes a sudden turn where you can tell when the allegations surfaced

- Unlucky (1995)
- A Three Piece Suit (1998)
- Tireless (2004)
- Raised and Confused (2006)
- Fields of Mozzarella (2010)
- Offensive!! (2015)
- The Big Mean Man Said a Bad Word (2016)
- I'm Not Even Upset at What Happened. In Fact, I'm Laughing About It (2016)
- A Long List of Slurs (2017)

my day be so fine
then boom

😔 ✨ featurism ✨ 😔

take your dragon through the carwash today

i found THIS little cutie for sale ohh myg od dd d aghd bvbwdjnse

ik vond DIT kleine schatje te koop ohh mi j n go d d d

you ever just stare at yourself in the mirror until you make yourself uncomfortable


*metal crashing sounds* here is my advertisement for subway

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