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Why have I fallen out of Mastodon? Idk. I just did.

Anyway, I'll try to be active more often :)

Have some BeamNG screenshots!

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drew bottlecap, shes such an old oc, i havent drawn her for like 19 months??
anyway the full ref is up on my instagram, @zaggiiee

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Move note/Hello, chitter! 

Heya! I'm Joel, a 16y/o furry artist and pan enby dog friend! :heart_pan: :heart_nb:

Just moved instances (again), this time from koyu since an instance block removed half of my follows :/

Gonna @ a few mutuals below, just as a notice :)

@yeenbean @MadestMadness @FormulaAzureJackal @masklayer @internetwolf @Elizafox @skootthecat

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

made me think of this sub

it you put in into your web browser it redirects to my twitch stream

We're getting pretty close to rent, and I need about $300 to make it on time!
So, new commissions post!

Feel free to check out my gallery, queue and prices below! I do sfw and nsfw 💕

Telegram dms are always open<3; Sunnysockeye

Cash app; $chestnutcham


Wanna tip me? It helps tons!​

i didnt know what "mx." meant for a while and i thought it was some majestic term for something from an rpg

it kinda is majestic tho

i began here as left-leaning and now im a full blown communist so thanks masto

Boss made a dollar
I made a dime,
That was a poem
From a siimpler time.

Now Boss makes a thousand
And gives us a cent
While he's got employees
Who can't pay the rent.

So when boss makes a million
And the workers make jack
Then that's when we riot
and take our lives back

hi yall i bought a new tablet :D it's very big and heres a drawing i made with it!

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