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fav if you would hug her
boost if you would pet her
reply if you would smooch her on the forehead

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it's been a while and i'm getting lots of new peeps following me, so let me show you my... fursonas? fursonae? they're both Good and Cute

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mother 3 turned me into a socialist send toot

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haven't tried the earthbound reshuffler in a while so i'm doing that now... i love how quickly you can break stuff if you can find super good equipment early

my internet was out for 1 hour and in that tiny timespan i considered:
- watching soccer
- replaying earthbound
- catching a movie
- playing w/ my cats
instead, i did:
- nothing
- ...okay maybe i did play w/ my cats a little

*sees solatorobo fanart and my pupils dilate like a cat's*

in hindsight i regret gettin rid of the wonky stuff i had running on my 3ds to play roms and stuff

earthbound on the go felt Right

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oops i was supposed to post more about the movie i was watching last night but fell asleep

anyway i'm binging my way through this now

jeeeez i forgot how hard this movie goes in the prologue alone

and i still can't believe the whole bit with the scientist's daughter was A Thing They Went For, especially with how grim and existential it gets at certain parts

watching the first pokemon movie, but like, the original (aka subbed) version instead, bc i haven't done that in a while

i forget how much more gripping it is when it's not constantly throwing jokes and puns your way...

ah, first day that's cool enough for me to wear jammies all day... maximum comfey achieved

i need to watch more game center cx, if only to get more choice screencaps like this

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LB: me when i get a little too excited about video games

nintendo direct (ok last one for real, it's just my Mood)

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