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fav if you would hug her
boost if you would pet her
reply if you would smooch her on the forehead

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it's been a while and i'm getting lots of new peeps following me, so let me show you my... fursonas? fursonae? they're both Good and Cute

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mother 3 turned me into a socialist send toot

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true gay culture is using the heart emoji colour that most closely matches your fursona

kumiko and reina from euphonium are trans lesbians send toot

mood after watching mad max fury road: wanting to drive at 100 mph through a cool dusty desert

mood after watching first man: wanting to fly to the moon and chill there for a while... and also drive a moon rover at 100 mph

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good morning! here are some pokegirlfriends to brighten up your day (done by Geckomania!)

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would aliens even know what video games are? or music? or art, in general? these are the questions that keep me up at night

i know there's like a 0.0001% chance that 'Oumuamua is an interstellar ship but also, i hope it is so i can hang out with cool aliens and play smash bros with them

went on someone's tumblr profile and saw a music player (with autoplay off, bless) and a SUPER long list of tunes and i was instantly transported back to The Olden Times

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what the heck, vinny's doing corruptions rn! and i missed the start of it apparently!! i'll try to watch the vod in the morning at least, it'll be v comfy for me -v-

*checks watch* it appears it is indeed Gay o'clock once again

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