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ACNH, switch friend code 

if anyone from here wants to add me, here's my passport + friend code... just lemme know who u are first :O

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oh yeah, my entry for trans gal jam 3 is up!! i made a cutesy li'l game about two robot girls trying to meet up. super short and all, but i'm proud of what i was able to put together for my first Bitsy project ^v^

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it's been a while and i'm getting lots of new peeps following me, so let me show you my... fursonas? fursonae? they're both Good and Cute

all things considered, i am aggressively pro-nickname, especially cute ones. gimme a cutesy nickname and my gay levels will skyrocket

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kit update v1.27.1

- is now a-ok with friends and mutuals calling her "kitty" if they want
- dunno if it's better than my regular name, but i'd like more peeps to try it still

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Here's a finished commission for @g ! Niss seems to be enjoying her time in the pool

*thinks about samurott and smiles*

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seeing some rumblings on twitter that this is actually the better of the two bail funds in Louisville, so here's a link to it!

Some mutual aid funds as well here:

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ACNH, island plans 

(mostly for me to keep track of stuff, but u can read if u want)

to-do list for stuff i wanna get done on my island Soon:
- move the shop west, next to beach
- move the ACGC fountain area to where the shop is/was
- move all the fruit trees to the empty space under northwest picnic
- organize flowers in northeast area and the garden under it (maybe as a rainbow flag?)
- clean up space west of garden for comfy clear area
- move a few trees around for better mobility & visibility

physical health, ACNH ~+ 

oh yeah, i played ACNH for a while without feeling too much pain in my wrists this time, so i'm optimistic that being careful + wearing my brace will help lots w/ playing stuff...

hopefully i'll be able to play with friends again soon <3

nsfw, sex toy talk πŸ”ž 

*looks at the wand in my wishlist and smiles serenely* one day...

physical health ~ 

i got my wrist brace in the mail today (thank u val) which means i'll be using it overnight and seeing how my wrists feel after that. hopefully they'll be nagging me a little less now

if results are good enough i'll try playing stuff again soon. i miss checking on my ACNH town and i wanna play my way thru mario all-stars 😀

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fuck it

enby elh melizee time (again)

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synths in ocarina of time 

2020 is a hell year, but at least I can play as a synth in OoT.

Mod by ColBirdstrong on birdsite
Mod link:

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Help a trans gal get a new laptop! 

Hey fedi! One of my best friends who did this gorgeous banner for me is having some pretty major laptop troubles. She wants to try to muscle through it as long as it can last but I want to help her get a new one that can actually do the things she needs it for, including all her artwork.

She’s here on masto but I don’t want to ping her because she’s too proud to ask for help uwu

If you have a spare few bucks you’d like to throw her way:

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vague genitals talk πŸ”ž 

i'm fine with what i've got *ahem* down there, but sometimes, I Wonder... but only sometimes...

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