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i finally got around working more on my cow fursona!! she's named Kit like me, and definitely represents my ideal shapes & general vibe more than my other fursonas, hehe

i'll probs tinker with her more down the line, but as is i rly rly like how she turned out... :blobcatheart:

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oh yeah, my entry for trans gal jam 3 is up!! i made a cutesy li'l game about two robot girls trying to meet up. super short and all, but i'm proud of what i was able to put together for my first Bitsy project ^v^

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it's been a while and i'm getting lots of new peeps following me, so let me show you my... fursonas? fursonae? they're both Good and Cute

*does a long jump across the timelines* YAHOO

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I miss what Geocities represented: the ideal Internet where normal people just made bad web pages to talk about what they were interested in.

i'm finally getting the chance to grow my hair out and i feel soooo goshdarn cute... a...

gotta take care of the ends a little better though :thaenkin:

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after *ages* of watching zootr seeds and speedruns and stuff, it's so weird to just. sit down and watch someone do a goofy casual playthrough

they're v comfy tho :blobfoxcomfy:

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aaaaaaa i came home and one of my friends got me gift art of my fursona!!!! today is a good day omg

(art by @/tomatomagica on twitter)

cold update: i still have it

i'm slowly getting better tho aaa...

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interesting results... *takes notes*

this was 25% poseidon and 75% sashimi on the birdsite poll, ftr, hehe... dogfish is only a popular choice here, apparently :p

psst, help me pick a name for my shiny vaporeon (he's male fwiw)

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please look at this amazing art i just got from !!!

and if you've looked at it already just look at it again!!!!!

messed around and made myself on a picrew thingy, v greeny and cute of course :>

also a vaporeon inspired one bc possible vappy sona's been on the mind lately

had a dream that squirtle was added in a swsh update

just squirtle

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pokemon swsh, nsfw lewd, funpost πŸ”ž 

uspol funpost 

me when i see how many different alcremie forms there are

and me when i decide to try collecting them anyway

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