idk what to call Pannenkoek's brand of super thorough and in-depth game mechanics analysis but god i am a ginormous sucker for it tbh

@kit have you seen chickasaurusgl? they're basically the pannenkoek of pokemon

@kit Crystal_ and TheZZAZZGlitch are in a similar vein but ChickasaurusGL is currently pretty active

@Felthry ooh i haven't! but i wanna check her stuff soon, thanks for the recommendation *_*

@kit you're welcome!

of note is that one of those three people i mentioned, I forget who exactly, is the one who figured out how to credits warp from Pokemon blue into the credits of Super Mario Land so yeah, pretty complex stuff

@Felthry holy moly @_@ yeah, i'll be sure to check out the peeps you mentioned then, this sounds super fascinating...!!

@kit it's not quite as impressive as I make it sound; what they do is use arbitrary code execution in blue to put the gameboy in a state where you have a couple seconds in which you can switch cartridges, while keeping payload code in RAM that loads the credits when super mario land is inserted

@Felthry hmm i see i see! that's still pretty neat tho! :o

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