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if you're harpy and you know it, flap your hands 🎵🎵

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boob nonsense 

boobs can produce many goods for use and trade, including but not limited to:
hot cocoa
maple syrup (difficult)
whipped cream

a later dream snippet had a advertisement for caves of qud on a truck driving by

technically it was less diving into clouds to hide and more that, with dream logic, the magma itself at one point gained the consistency of clouds and became completely safe to fly/swim in when i was trying to hide myself out of self-hate

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it seemed like a very chill and very depressing game, ironically enough from the title

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dreamed there was a cancelled or at least seriously retooled nintendo game called Hot n' Heavy
where you navigate a small weighty spaceship/lander to run small errands across a series of planets that are largely made of magma
but which do have enough solid ground for people to set up rickety houses and societies there
skimming above the magma in 3d, diving into clouds to hide, and then later walking on foot across the dried up dirt and checking out the local run down rusty restaurant

It's kitsch... or at least what's left of her

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plurality transformation fic, 1/4 (197 words, intro) 

Decided to post some fic to our new account under the hashtag #Packfic - this is our first venture, and kinda feels like an opening chapter of something. Hope it pleases! - 🐲

"How much did this cost?"

"Four thousand, nine hundred and seventy three dollars and sixty eight cents. About half of that was these epaper displays for the runes" - Shim tapped a claw on the floor just outside the ring next to one of the little squares ey were examining - "and most of the rest was honestly just the computer I use."

The human in the circle whistled, impressed.

"It wasn't too bad - academic magicians use a lot of unusual and expensive ingredients and medical technology gets pretty steep pretty fast. Mostly I was worried that I wouldn't be able to convincingly demonstrate that it would fill a need."

The human nodded. "Hence the survey."

"Hence the survey." Shim stood up. "Thank you for ticking the box that said we could contact you with updates, by the way. And for volunteering."

"Had to! No question. I can't afford to commission a transformation - this is such a good opportunity, I couldn't pass it up." The human grinned.

Shim, the kobold, grinned back, turned, and hopped up on the stepstool behind eir computer. "Right then. Ready?"

"Ready", the human said, and closed her eyes, still grinning.

words are very hard.

and not for lack of wanting to social

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i guess we were on to more than we thought when we started wondering if we had "ocd but like just for internal things"

since it turns out that's a way to phrase an aspect of what "'purely' obsessional ocd" is

there's also stuff that's more external, like sensory balance, dysmorphia, but for the most part those are the -least- debilitating of its effects

there's more to it than that but i'm -not- going to sit here and agonizingly try to remember and describe everything because, ahahaha no thanks obessiveness

[especially while suffering from brain fog and sabotage which are -themselves- caused by ocd]

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never playing video games because we are waiting indefinitely to be in The Right Mindset so that we can play the game Properly and enjoy it Properly

a friend says we can come to them for emotional support in general, but later when we need support, we worry that their prior permission is inapplicable to the current context

wanting to write about ourselves expressively, but doing so by trying to make an inclusive and accurate writing structure [which just feels dry and frustrating]

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and... if we don't Know For Sure that we can do something The Right Way, then we avoid it, which happens both consciously or automatically

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it does the thing where a point of uncertainty balloons into a serious source of doubt and/or catastrophizing

similarly, a lot of things can seem Very Meaningful, when they're really not that bad or not as much of a loss as it seems

perfectionism. needing to do something The Right Way, or else it's risky to do, wrong to do, or not worth doing at all

related, constantly berating ourselves for not doing a thing Correctly Enough

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some other ocd things

it's the cause of the instant overwhelming discouragement idea shutdowns, for one

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one fun™️ thing about our ocd is that is *didn't* go the route of "what if having these intrusive thoughts about horrible things means i'm a horrible person"
instead it went the route of "what if having these intrusive thoughts, and not knowing what to do about them, is damaging to the wellbeing of me or my headmates"

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maybe we should start using our adhd meds more frequently? even if they seem unhelpful for many things? maybe it might help take some of the wind out of one side of our brain horror

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our adhd and ocd have learned some great [godawfully miserable] ways to amplify each other

handy tip: don't get adhd or ocd

relatively lucid tonight [for lack of a better word?]

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