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with revolutionary """"cat"""" technology, people all over the world can trans their gender

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if you're harpy and you know it, flap your hands 🎵🎵

well yeah now after what happened to yar, ya ain't gotta rub it in the rain and opened my umbrella and it just
shot out of the year
wow how the mighty hath fallen

Thanks for all
the good times!

A Fork! Which
way? I'll be
cool and make 2
games from here

What hope is
there now?
...Now that all
has been lost.

anyway hi i only need like another $15 and i would like to thank everyone lots and lots


So you know i hate doing this, but
i went to a doctor today and i ended up having to spend a lot more than i expected on medical bullshit

Please help me be able to afford to eat for the next 3 weeks til i get paid

i need $120 ;;


Cat: Meow!
Me: what the FUCK did you just say
Cat, with confidence: Meow.

fun fact: merriam webster's thesaurus page for "kitsch" lists the synonym "crapola"

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If you live in the capitalistic hellscape that is America and need insulin or know someone who needs it, here's a lifesaving link to a manufacturer's coupon that can bring the price of insulin to $0. :boost_ok:

You: hows it feel to be enby now

Me, staring at my hand attentively, making a fist and then examining the rest of myself: *powers up explosively like a DBZ character, knocking down everything within a 100 mile radius*

Me: pretty good

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