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if you're harpy and you know it, flap your hands 🎵🎵

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here's the link to my characters-i-might-never-use-even-though-i-want-to page again. the starbound gang is all there, and i need to work on hidden unfinished toothpaste entries.

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My partner has some characters for sale on their toyhouse! check them out!

a really cool thing you can do for trans girls (and other trans girls) is to just hang out doing nothing except taking care of each other. It can be platonic, make tea and have a few hours of quiet reading time.
I think this is good partly because it reminds us that A, it's good to spend time together just recharging our batteries
B, it's good to relax and have no expectations of each other. ime, that feeling does not come naturally to trans women. it can feel like we owe something.

Does anyone know of any blind accessible IM clients that are available on Apple & [either Android or Windows] devices?

I have a friend who primarily uses Text-to-Speech on her Apple phone, and relies on WhatsApp & Facebook messenger. I avoid those because [privacy nastiness + stalker history on them].

We want to talk more, but neither are sure what to suggest. "Install many things, find out which is accessible through trial & error" isn't really fair on her.


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hey my bank account is currently overdrawn bc of a surprise hospital trip the other day, i guess now's as good a time as any to plug my stuff? i feel bad asking for money but i've been running very low lately and have had some extra expenses due to rsi and stuff. would really appreciate whatever yall can give

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Here are some reasons I have offered my supervisor for my lateness, all of which were cheerfully accepted and true:
-Gave some banana to a crow and had to watch him eat it
-Had to scrape fascist stickers off signs
-Saw an interesting bird and had to follow it around (it was an eastern kingbird)
-Saw a cat

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