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if you're harpy and you know it, flap your hands 🎵🎵

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am i, a certified transgenderer, allowed to ""glomp"" consenting individuals

who put all these jakkai in my image folder

did you know having a kitsch in your home can help lower your blood pressure?
on the flipside, it also means an increase in animal dander

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this kitsch needs some godforsaken actual COMFY HUGS, blarghh

ugh i want to go back to bed already, frig. well, who should i entangle and pull in with me

dreamed of a family trip to a terribly haunted house, including flickering white silhouettes, giant moths, family members screaming in anguish, a pretty bad sonic game, a creepy shopkeeper type resident, half a room having been swallowed by a void, and not knowing whether to be afraid of it all or not. still, not the worst family trip i've been on!

anyway i assume being disconnected from culture or however it's phrased is part of it, and cptsd is another part

[probably done posting about these thoughts for now]

kinda wanna go to bed agggain but have been restlessly in bed so much already today

part of this train of thought was "if we tried to write dialogue for our game, it would probably just sound like us, or sound boring and samey and flat." but that might not be true to other people though. [or it might be anyway since it's not like we write dialogue/fiction a lot]

not even like necessarily bad in any qualifiable way, just blank, flat, i guess 'below average' in a certain way.
and wondering what else about existing [identity?] as self that feels Blank is actually Something. and how possible it is to shift that perspective in relatively lonely circumstances

it's weird to feel like existing is just... The Default, Neutral, Nothing Special. and then someone says 'you have a bit of a new york accent' and it's suddenly like, oh, i always just thought of my voice as being Dull and Featureless. but i have an accent, even a small one? and then clinging onto their statement as if it was a never-before-heard compliment

i played most[?] of the demo last year and UI confusion aside i really liked it a lot

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