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if you're harpy and you know it, flap your hands 🎵🎵

glitch art commission offer, potentially unsettling eye contact, boosts welcome! 

we recently saw someone describe their entire system as "co-conscious," and that's a really good way we can describe ourselves without compromising the label of "multiple." we're all always co-conscious, and some of us are more conscious at different times than others.

begposting, boost pls! 

oop i realized I won't have enough to get any more food by the end of the month, and by time i pay off my phone next Tuesday I'll be dangerously short.

Anything and everything would be appreciated


So I am spending xmas on my own and after having paid all my bills and rent I have very little left, which usually happens, but I was hoping to be able to not worry about food over xmas, not to mention that a lot of the shops are going to be closed so I need to do a big shop fairly soon for food that can last.

If you have anything to spare, I would appreciate if you could help me out.

My paypal is

asking for help, financial, sorry. 


squash is squoosh

squoosh is squish

and squish is squash

you put my picture on a global decentralized *what now*?

Got the total back on the car... $166. I'm still taking commissions by the way 😭

money ask, my university asked me to pay fees very late 

ukpol, Caelyn is a cheeky bitch 

(———) money, need at least a bit of help 

LB made me remember-reinforce that harpies really have no like theme or characteristic shared between all of us, which i know isn't unusual, just a bit interesting and overwhelming to think about aaaaaaaaaa

character and portrait art commissions by Alayna Butterfly ~

reply to this post if you are interested!~

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