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if you're harpy and you know it, flap your hands 🎡🎡

plural nonsense 

in a weird mindset brainspace thingamagummit. i mean, aren't we always, but i guess between all of us brain is in a state where it's simultaneously trying to grab hold of newfound ideas while also navigating the same old swampy patterns. or something. i'm hungry i need to get something to eat πŸ’¨

system stuff feels in some ways like some kind of 2d-shape spectrum. like, a person is figured to be in a spot on the spectrum, and mushy-surrounded by vibes that are shared with others. but that might just be one way of looking at it, because we do get memory hiccups and it's sometimes possible to disentangle each other when blurry. identity-wise though, it makes it hard to see what makes you you or how to feel real/solid/complete. though that could just as well be due to trauma and bad habits.

*puts hand up to earpiece and furrows brow* i'm being informed that tomorrow is another day

stream promo! boosts welcome 

i wonder if we've got a problem with being overwhelmed and auto-dismissing all options that aren't more or less perfect. or smething

brain keeps eagerly insisting 'lets go outside to place!!' but idk what places there are to go to! this is why we can't have nice things

collective identity is 'kitsch' but our group name is 'harpy' and the distinction is apparently meaningful if only because of our habits of being a singlet

send me your favorite auto-bio comics! esp "married life" ones, I like those

it's cold enough this morning and the shower i took was warm enough that i had the pleasure of watching my damp body emit a gentle mist for a few minutes after i stepped out

i have some complaints i wish to submit to the part of our brain that manages memory-by-association <<

is there a word for "dream that turns scary as you are waking up and blurs into reality but isn't sleep paralysis" 

gender/genital positivity nonsense thought 

misc plural 

πŸ”„ trans[girl?] programmer stereotype // 

this is just a leaf but i like it anyway - > πŸƒ

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