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I have a small Unity VFX product, make glass shiny in any world. You can also change the color, brightness, and opacity of the reflection.


Most adult ladies with their medium to large sized areolas and me here with my smol ones. Feels weird. I still like what I have though ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ

My daughter told me today she no longer tidies her room, instead she 'resets' it to tidy each Sunday for the week ahead . She said mentally this helps because tidy sounds such a chore while reset doesn't, and the thought that there's a weekly reset means she doesn't feel bad if the room gets messy in the week, because she'll reset on Sunday!
Anyway I thought it was cute and might be useful for someone

hate being in a situation where i mostly agree with the people who say software got very bloated, but also have to remind them that a lot of things have changed that do require today's level of complexity

like unicode being normalized, and now every OS has to know how to render all sorts of scripts of different complexity

or that desktop displays other than 96 dpi are a thing (which is part of the reason why all user interfaces now use flat icons and such)

or security (a web browser from the 90s would be unable to do HTTPS, and would not isolate 3rd-party cookies and such that weren't a problem back then, but would be a big issue now)

also, it sucks that so many "cross-platform" apps are now just web apps running in electron, but that's better than having them be native apps that only run on windows (or sometimes also macOS)

and i'd say today's HTML5/JS-based web apps are still an improvement over what we had before, which, i should remind you all, was shockwave/macromedia/adobe flash (and it was an even less pleasant experience on linux)

I've learned some people who are middle to upper class believe not using public resources/space/services is okay because it leaves more for "those who really need it".

To the contrary, when the privileged in society choose to opt-out of using public libraries, public parks, public schools, etc., those public resources degrade in quality; life becomes worse for the poor because they can't pay for a premium, private alternative.

Public amenities work best when EVERYONE partakes in them.

Uum.. uuh.. hi :D

I'm Ellie, I'm a furry artist!
I'm new here and primarily live on Twitter but I came across this app and wanted to give it a shot. So I'll be posting my art here! ^-^

It would be lovely to get to know some furrs and make some friends too!!!


#furry #furryart #furryartist

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So a friend of mine helped me with getting a photogrammetry scan of my VR room, and i synced it up with my VR room IRL, so have this amazingness.

If you think you are trans, but are scared that you'll just be the same sad sack in different clothes, go look at some transition timelines. More often than not, you have to look real close to spot the features that haven't changed much.

It's not just hormones doing their thing, it's not just different clothes or makeup or a hairstyle change.

What you see is a person that has grown and changed; someone that has blossomed because they stepped out of the dark and into the light of being true to themselves.

Sometimes, they don't look all that different in appearance, though. So much of the real change happens in our heads and hearts, and if you look closely, you can't miss it.

race, police, indirect talk of police murder 

White people are getting another encounter with the fact that copsโ€”no matter their raceโ€”are employed to enforce an order that targets people of color, escalate needlessly, and build false narratives to cover their misdeeds.

Liberal TV seems to be going with the same old crap. โ€œWe need laws that make a duty to intervene when fellow officers use excessive force.โ€ You already had that and another precious human was brutally murdered by cops.

What we need is to get rid of a hierarchy that puts some confortable white folksโ€™ property and feelings above otherโ€™s equity and dignity, and drop the jackboot army we throw money at to keep others in โ€˜their placeโ€™.

You want peace? Build justice, not force.

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