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hey, if you're following me or i follow you, and someone (especially on the fediverse) is harming or abusing or doing other such things to you, or has done so previously, and you need someone to talk to about it, or to brainstorm ideas for what to do, or things like that,

i'd be willing to do that. if you don't wanna do it on the fediverse then we can exchange discord or wire or such contact info and talk there? just, hit me up if you want that.

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if you come to me for this, i will:
* listen
* offer my own thoughts or advice if you ask for them
* talk with you

i will not:
* try to push you toward taking action or taking any particular action
* tell anyone about what you've shared with me without your permission
* judge or blame you for what happened to you
* take action regarding the person without discussing it with you

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hiiii for me

i'm lyssa

i'm a nonbinary pan lesbian & a fairy

i like crpgs and roguelikes and visual novels and interactive fiction and queer animation and fanfic and most types of music

i'm a monolingual english-speaking white person in the US who's not physically disabled

i have some memory issues and other mental health things going on

i'm kinda good at programming i'm tryin to experiment with making music in lmms lately

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i try to be kind and considerate toward the people around me and especially to the people dear to me

if i ever hurt you or say or do something bad, it's okay to tell me and i will appreciate, although i understand if you don't feel comfortable doing so. it's also okay to mute or block or unfollow me at any time for any reason

it's also always okay to ask me to content warn something

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oh, also, i'm somewhere near the middle of my twenties in age in case that information is useful or important for anyone; if the specifics matter i can specify at year granularity in private

I just spent 45 mins explaining gaslighting to a white baby gay in an effort to keep my queer trans gaming group from falling apart

Any white people wanna pay a brown dyke for some emotional labor? I'm broke and scared about making rent this month
Venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash app: $hamsterpower

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glitch art commission offer, potentially unsettling eye contact, boosts welcome! Show more

rhetoric around psychiatric terms, ableism Show more

rhetoric around psychiatric terms, ableism Show more

rhetoric around psychiatric terms, ableism Show more

listening to common market makes me wanna read more about bahá’í so i can understand it since i can tell that RA Scion’s words on these trax are clearly thoroughly grounded in his faith but i don’t know enough to understand it properly

i enjoyed that time i found that person on genius dot com who went by “MaoistAnnotations” and was mostly just annotating blue scholars lyrics to explain the Chinese and Pilipinx communist history and stuff that it was referencing

how come everyone sabzi collabs with is so good

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the black parade is a good album in my imo

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i like the occasionally-updating what-i’m-doing-lately pages some of my friends have. they’re neat to check in on.

sometimes i get confused by the fact that multiple people have the same name

do you ever read the “criticism” section of a wikipedia article on a historian and it’s just a list of people who called their work “revisionist” and you’re like “okay but that’s not universally a pejorative among historians so like??? were these people even actually criticizing them? what were the criticisms???”

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friends, frens, and fremds, what are your favourite discworld books? or... alternately, what discworld books do you think best showcase your favourite characters?

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