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hiiii for me

i'm lyssa

i'm a nonbinary pan lesbian & a fairy

i like crpgs and roguelikes and visual novels and interactive fiction and queer animation and fanfic and most types of music

i'm a monolingual english-speaking white person in the US who's not physically disabled

i have some memory issues and other mental health things going on

i'm kinda good at programming i'm tryin to experiment with making music in lmms lately

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i try to be kind and considerate toward the people around me and especially to the people dear to me

if i ever hurt you or say or do something bad, it's okay to tell me and i will appreciate, although i understand if you don't feel comfortable doing so. it's also okay to mute or block or unfollow me at any time for any reason

it's also always okay to ask me to content warn something

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oh, also, i'm somewhere near the middle of my twenties in age in case that information is useful or important for anyone; if the specifics matter i can specify at year granularity in private

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the ways that our societies treat fat people are really fucked up

idk, i don't have anything novel or articulate to say here

just it's shit and our activism or whatever around trans rights and many other issues needs to focus on it more

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also most of my open tabs in my podcasts-i-might-check-out browser window are horror-y and the ones i'm about to be caught up on aren't so it'd throw the balance of things out of wack a bit if i listened to those

oh oops i'm about to be caught up on like two diff podcasts like tonight, i need to find new ones to listen to >.>

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partly because i mostly don't really consider that scene to have been meaningfully distinct from pop punk groups from the same period

i can apparently remember only like 5 unambiguously "emo" bands from last decade off the top of my head

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(i think i haven't listened to it through these headphones before)

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M+ fonts are nice for programming/writing but i feel like they're a bit thinner than i'd quite like for reading.

developing opinions about fonts is hard

there are probably fonts that i'd prefer to use in my browser and stuff, but being able to find and identify which i'd prefer, idk how to do that without like trying things at random for a while and seeing how i end up feeling

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