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aight then

i'm maple bloom. 19yrs old, enby, autistic. i like to draw, write, talk about lots of random useless ideas i have, and im working on becoming an author. i also joke around a lot and i try to make people happy to the best of my abilities

account is locked but you can follow if you're over 18
i tend to be quite sleepy and distant but you're free to chat or send me a message whenever you like. contacts in my pinned toots

on my way back home from egx. its been a hell of a ride and ive had a lot of passionate and exiting moments im not gonna soon forget
thank you avery, violet, mark, curly, broms, tay and luca for making this weekend the best it could ever be <3<3

doodles on the leftfield collection wall

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i mean, i say that

i kind of want an alexa play despacito shirt

okay, important question
what would be the most effective way of getting rid of this piece of trash

i havent played many of the bigger games yet like ssbu and im hoping i can do that tomorrow, as well as look at more indie games and buy some stuff from the stalls in the retro corner because there was a stall full of game boy games that i waaant
but yeah, fun day <3

there was also a huge retro corner filled with classic arcade games and I discovered i fucking suck as Asteroids. there was also tempest but i didnt play it. vector games are really neat and im hoping i can play tempest tomorrow when i go back

i got a chance to play demos of media molecule's Dreams. they were short but sweet (except for Please Hug Me, which was just sad :c). favourite was Comic Sands for how incredibly goofy it is. there's a lot you can do with the Dreams engine it seems and i really wanna play with it

in the leftfield collection i played PUSS, which is basically the scary maze turned up to a vaporwave maximum and What The Golf, an incredibly enjoyable golf experience parodying other indie games and letting you play golf with a car.

i also played Mice on Venus, an unfinished futuristic detective game. the camera is a bit unpolished and buggy, constantly zooming in and out, but it sets a great tone and i love it's art style. really looking forward to a full release sometime!

egx overview: day one
lots of fun with friends and games. played PHOGS, which is a really cute co-op game controlling two conjoined dogs, and you also get to vore yourself down a dragon serpent thing. love the art style and they had a huge plushie of the dog(s)

wait a minute there's a tescos in hall 1 of the nec

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