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contact details
telegram - t.me/lighttrax
discord - Maple#3678
twitter - twitter.com/drtydgtl
alt / nonsense masto - @rainbow
website - drtydgtl.neocities.org

other notes
unless it's locked or i state otherwise you can boost my selfies
i tend to be quite affectionate so if this bothers you please do let me know
i'm quite shy and not too talkative one on one but you're free to talk to me whenever you like <3

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i can see a lot of lightning happening outside

doctor who Show more

doctor who Show more

doctor who moment, weird Show more

[opens mouth, 10 Hours Of Silence plays through mouth]

working on website things while watching early seasons of doctor who again

ah i just did an infodump which i havent done in forever, it feels so refreshing

okay it turned on,, got panicked for a sec there