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hi everyone! im niss. i used to live on cybre but im here now :chitter:

i like to do art of weird animals, as you can see below. sometimes i even do commissions @

outside of that i do computer stuff. i like messing around with type systems (current hyperfocuses are qtt and xtt which i am mashing together in my own language). but that is less visually exciting


@ionchy what was the thing with the falling-over Π anyway, i gotta know

update: there is actually a quote!(...) macro, with splicing, that perhaps they should use in their introduction instead of this thing

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inb4 splicing is "blabla ("+thing.to_string()+") oof"

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their proc macro api kinda sucks tho

"fn answer() -> u32 { 42 }".parse().unwrap()

come on

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i cannot think of any concrete examples right now tho

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i crave rust's non-procedural macros

💭 what if kesi's tail was longer

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you can tell im in bed cos i never check whether my phone selected the right word or just made my post incomprehensible

anyway reading about solaris features no one cares about is not the activity you are meant to do in bed. i guess. so :qtsleep:

oh turns out solaris "doors" aren't just named pipes with a dumb name like i assumed but actually some built-in rpc thing. i guess that's mildly interesting

remember when samsung's 🤞 emojo had six fingers

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perhaps i should also crudely but effectively stratify

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maybe i should not have subtyping actually

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