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personal, boundary on interacting with me 

at this point in time i am really uncomfortable with people touching me, flirting with me, roleplaying these forms of affection (such as sending messages like "*hugs*"), etc. without discussing it with me prior.

please ask before doing this stuff unless i've given you the general go-ahead to interact with me in these ways!

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just a heads up i tend to fav things both as a show of enthusiasm or a show of supportiveness, so if i fav a negative/sad/etc. post think of it as me sending encouragement/love ur way - though if faves on negative posts bother anyone i do it to, plz say so and i'll avoid!

When I encounter a situation where dissenters and critical questions are censored/punished, my response is to become more suspicious toward every single thing I hear. When I encounter politicians lying, I assume they have probably lied before and will probably do it again. When I encounter companies harming people for profit, I assume they are not to be trusted as far as I can throw them.

Take your government medical mandates and shove them directly up your ass. People seem to have forgotten what consent means. You don't fucking violate consent just because there is an emergency. Some of us have been repeatedly assfucked by our government and medical system and have a whole list of reasons we don't trust them.

I do not give a flying fuck about my reputation anymore but if you want to strip my bodily autonomy, then shoot me and pry it from my fucking corpse.

Have a good day.

broke till my partner gets paid in like 10 days. if anyone can help a disabled queerdo medicate and get groceries meanwhile I would immensely appreciate it ❤

hey folks, stuff is tight again for a bit :/ if anyone can help a disabled queerdo medicate and get groceries I would immensely appreciate it ❤

asking for financial help, medical cannabis, boosts appreciated 

If anyone could help me get some cheap medical cannabis rn I would be very grateful, rent just drained our funds again and we won't have more money for a bit 😔

Boosts also seriously appreciated

self-promo, boosts appreciated, web development / programming / graphic design freelancing 

I'm taking clients again- websites, back-end apps, graphic design, code documentation, & more. I'm a queer freelance programmer/designer who focuses on accessible, robust, stylish interfaces.

Portfolio/work samples:

Hire me:

the mountains here in WA are top-notch and the trees are gorgeous but the level of fall color hasn't quite compared so far (the amount of green here in the winter certainly makes up for it, though)

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one of the few things i really miss about Kentucky is how the trees looked in the fall driving thru the Appalachian mountains

those were literally the most beautiful colorful trees i'd ever seen and i always wished i could stop for the day and paint them (i lived in louisville so i usually only saw them on road trips east to WV)

very hilly/mountainous too so it just looked like massive bright peaks of colors surrounding you driving down i64

shitty company, mention of violent threats 

i most certainly did not quit in the most professional manner (was on the verge of another meltdown prior to my shift starting and i have backup plans so i just walked in and calmly told the manager on duty "sorry, i quit, your management has been really condescending and i've been getting sick working here and i cannot continue") but that 100% does not excuse the store brushing off violent threats against their (ex)-employees or customers

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shitty company, mention of violent threats 

so in today's news: fuck dollar tree!

this is the first time i've been threatened with violence over quitting a job :'D the manager's buddy followed me and my partner out threatening to whoop our asses

my partner called the store to complain afterward and the manager was really unprofessional about it and wouldn't give them corporate's number (or didn't know which is still yikes)

asking for financial help, meds/cannabis, some good news tho, boosts appreciated 

hey i finally got a job which is cool! but we're still broke right now (i don't get paid for another two weeks) and i am out of weed so i feel like absolute pain-hell-death and am not functioning well at all :[ if anyone would be willing to help us grab some so i can be properly medicated i would be super grateful,,,

i saw shrek in the face of a moth once and managed to snap a photo

i believe this is at least one tier above seeing jesus in something

asking for financial help, chronic illness/pain, cannabis 

sorry 4 depresso on main but we don't have the money to get me any cannabis so i'm stuck with tylenol for my pain (not very good) and nothing for nausea

this sucks a whole whole lot actually and if anyone feels like helping i would be super grateful

will van spronsen, please boost, police murder, ICE camps 

this article details more about will and what happened to him, including some important final words

"I have a father’s broken heart
I have a broken down body
And I have an unshakable abhorrence for injustice
That is what brings me here."

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will van spronsen, please boost, police murder, ICE camps 

will van spronsen was murdered by tacoma police on July 13 2019 while attempting to disable vehicles (used for deportation) at an ICE concentration camp.

it took me days to hear about this and it's being removed from places like reddit. please don't let his death be ignored.

nudity pol, mention of trauma triggers 

i am all-for creating designated spaces that feel safe for people that are actively triggered by nudity but... that doesn't mean it should be extended to the entire public space

i'm easily triggered (due to a mix of trauma and phobias) by strange men, certain types of common medical imagery/equipment, and airplanes... but that doesn't mean i advocate for public spaces to be devoid of them when they aren't actually doing anything wrong to me >_>;

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nudity pol 

if your first response to seeing someone nude (who is not doing anything else that specifically places it in a sexual context) is to view it as someone being sexual around you without consent... maybe you should step back and examine whether you're kneejerk enforcing shitty norms and sexualizing *them* without *their* consent :|

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nudity pol 

apparently people are squabbling again about nudity at pride parades because of sex-repulsion

nudity... is not inherently sexual, shitty social norms (in the US, at least) just paint them that way

believe it or not, if i walk around nude, i don't want people sexualizing it!! (unless i'm in a situation that specifically calls for it with the consent of myself and anyone else present) i know society will sexualize it anyway but you fix those damaging norms by breaking them

pol, chapo trap house, article excerpt 

"‘You can tell people that I’m trans’, says [Anna] Khachiyan, with characteristic irreverence, as [Amber A'Lee] Frost, Khachiyan and myself sit down to talk at Eastwood in the Lower East Side. ‘I’m not trans, but you can say that just for fun.’"

that clattering sound you probably just heard was my eyes rolling out of my fuckening skull

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pol, chapo trap house, archived article link 

chapo trap house manages to disappoint me more and more whenever i hear about their politics, they just put out this nonsense (link is an archive of an article to avoid generating traffic/revenue)

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