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According to Tim Sweeney, the original ZZT source code was lost in the early 90s: "[... If] I had it, I'd release it, but I lost it in a crash a long time ago."

But they were all of them deceived, for another backup was made.

This is an (almost) unaltered copy of the actual ZZT ~3.0 source code - not decompiled, not reverse-engineered, but preserved for its historical value.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you how many years I spent looking for it, after catching wind of where it might be... For three decades, the ZZT community hoped it would turn up. For two, it thought it was impossible. And yet, here we are.

I'm really happy to have been able to contribute to the ZZT community's preservation efforts for all these years. Thank you. This is probably my magnum opus.

PC gamedevs be like: how to make our games run faster?
Optimize graphics code in games.
Ask GPU vendors to hack graphics drivers for every game.

They have been slowly growing this character's ahoge for YEARS and I just never noticed. This is brilliant.

The earliest cephalopods date back to the Cambrian period. They predate trees and land plants. So, the Earth knew tentacles before it knew leaves. Anyway, sweet dreams.

honestly git should just take the author name/email out of the commit hash. "i need to rewrite the entire git history to replace the author name" - statements dreamed up by the utterly cis

I spoke with a game programmer at a conference recently, and the topic of how to store save data came up. He said he stores non-sensitive info just as json or xml, including certain game states and player position. My response was asking if he wasn't concerned with people cheating, to which is replied

"Why? Cheating is fun."

And you know what? I agree. Cheating is fun, and people who don't want it can stay clear quite easily.

#gamedev #gaming #videogames

fediverse search (I made a thing) 

So, I know I risk irradiating myself with a Demon Core like this, but: This weekend I built a little fediverse search app.

Here's the thing: you can't use my instance. Or, at least, unless something has gone terribly wrong with my home firewall, you won't have access. This is intentional.

This is an app running on a machine in my house that listens to the streaming API on a Mastodon instance, authenticated & authorized by my account there.

This is not a scraper. A Mastodon instance is delivering this data right to my home. It also honors edits & deletes, and I do not track changes.

Every toot flowing into my database is one that I, personally, would have been allowed to see. If you've blocked me or my instance - or didn't post in public - neither I nor my database has seen your toot.

Apropos of that, my consent calculus here is that the "license" I've been given to this content applies to my own use. It's not transitive: I will not share my database with you as cloud-hosted service, because you have a different context. Get your own search index.

The source is on github. You can find if it you're interested. But it's a hacky, undocumented mess. If this thing doesn't get me vaporized by a space laser, I may consider tidying things up. We'll see 🤞

I’m old enough to remember the first TED talk.
It was most excellent.

I don’t live in North Dakota or Texas or whatever and therefore do not have reps there to call. What else do you want me to do? Is there an LGBT rights organization lobbying for these bills to be killed? Tell me who they are! I do not know!

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I can’t believe I have to keep explaining this but everyone who does care already knows that republicans suck and everyone who doesn’t know that republicans suck doesn’t care.

I literally just saw someone say it’s too traumatizing to share the contact information for orgs fighting the bills but somehow not traumatizing to share the hateful rhetoric. Make this make sense. If you know who is fighting this shit why are you keeping it to yourself?

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Sharing anti-trans stories and proposed legislation without:

- analysis of how it might succeed and the likelihood of success
- the local grassroots groups organizing to defend against such things, and
- a call to action

Is in essence nothing more than sensationalist scaremongering

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