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also I now have RSS on the site, sorry that took me so long

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still wonder why atom wants the gnome keychain unlocked when I start it
text editor need password

I s'pose I can just eyedropper the colours out

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wonder if I can export Dark Reader's css because frankly it does better with my website than my own attempt at a dark theme does

I think my voice sounds slightly better in recordings than in my head

yes I’m sure your single user instance is fine, and maybe I was nieve to think a low-tier DO droplet could bridge a mid-sized discord server

ejabberd still exists and it’s hard for synapse to justify its behaviour though

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like workers (and therefore multicore CPUs) are a nearly hard requirement; which is a pretty tough sell for people using VPSes

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I like how Matrix is easy to switch to and people coming from discord or whatever pick it up; I also like how the mobile apps are functional and the e2e is seamless

I don’t like how synapse is Mastodon levels of hungry to host

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