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if i softblock you on my private account but retain following you on my public, don't be alarmed or anything; i

i like to keep my private account limited to people i talk to a lot and my main account limited to people i am aquaintances with.

it does not mean i'm mad at you; i just am seeking a more insular private account

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pleroma and mastodon-style content warnings (a reminder) Show more

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hey gamers my sleep cycle is dead

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hi binary privlege and enbyphobia exists & if you dont' think it does you can unfollow me thanks

salut le privlige binaire et l'enbyphobia existent et si tu n'as pas d'accord tu peut me désabonner merci

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you can tell an animal is a beetle (coleoptera) if it's an insect and it has a hard shell covering its wings.

junebugs, fireflies, and ladybugs are all beetles, not bugs or flies :3

"Testing the AC/DC hypothesis: Rock and roll is noise pollution and weakens a trophic cascade"

no idea if this journal is trustworthy or this study is flawed but, interesting

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Anara was the most squamous dragon around, and she was proud of it, dammit!

aaaaaaaa squamous is a word that means "scaly"

like "aw gosh these are some squamous jorts"

what if squamates were wearing jorts