you know

maybe drinking bottled water before bed isn't the greatest of ideas

@Nowak which switch do you prefer: mx blues or mx reds

of COURSE vinny would lose a mission by doing a final smash and going outside of the killbox

[joel voice] THE PIZZA, HE-MAN!!! EAT IT!!! aaAaaufghadsiufgWSFHIUAIUHDSGF

my splitter came in today! i forget who recommended me it but whoever did: thank you!

cause there are just over a thousand games left to go and


could use some help here


does anyone want to help me transfer flashpoint requests from the discord to a spreadsheet via google forms

Everyone shrinking down very small to go inside your friend in order to cure a strange illness is queer culture. LGBTQ stands for Let's Go Become Tiny, Quickly

smash joke i think i stole from awkward zombie Show more

Things that need to be normalised in 2019:

• people using they/them pronouns
• people using neopronouns
• people using multiple sets of pronouns
• people using plural pronouns
• people using their name instead of pronouns
• asking people what pronouns they use

one of the lines is "(It's really noticeable in 'Fame,' where the kick is so boosted it almost drowns out the entire song.)"

is that rude? should i tone it down? because it actually doesn't drown out the song but it's like. a tiny bit louder than anyhting else

finally working on the album review and i can't help but feel it's a bit harsh

still irritated that not ONLY does firefox no longer have rss support BUT IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE PROPER RENDERING OF XML/RSS FILES ANYMORE


(FF on left, Chrome on right)

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