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a lot of people talk about the GeoCities aesthetic but i 100% honestly think it's high time we move away from that and start talking about the Y2Kweb™ aesthetic because it's [chef's kiss]

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[puts on giant lapel button that says 'PLEASE ASK ME ABOUT VARIOUS 90S MULTIMEDIA CD-ROM EXPERIENCES']

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hey did yall know that in a recent survey of homestuck fans, most people hated the epilogues and hs^2??? just something to note

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part 2 i guess?

things i love:
❤ 90s and early 2000s-era computers
❤ webcomics (homestuck and PREQUEL, especially)
❤ art + graphic design
❤ ambient music
❤ Minecraft
❤ doom gameplay mods
❤ MSN Messenger (
❤ the cellist from jazztronauts

things i hate:
🚫 terfs, bigots, nazis, etc
🚫 anxiety and a general lack of self-control
🚫 the cellist from jazztronauts

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hi. i'm SC, but you can also call me sprite. i'm 23, male(?), autistic, probably have a lot more disorders, and i have a brain made of literal garbage.

my portfolio includes:
- a youtube video with Windows versions that are entirely fake
- a website nobody visits (DM me for the link)
- a metric heckton of design + audio projects i never finished
- anxiety, self-loathing, and bad decision-making


(p.s. fuck terfs)

question: are there any tools to decompile rpg maker mv projects :thonking:

god i forgot how good the trailer for this game is????????? a?????????????????

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but yeah go play this game it's good. about 1-3 hours long and it's just a giant gameboy-themed walkabout set in a fantasy-themed world with some story to discover!

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escaped chasm / dweller's empty path post-credits spoilers 

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escaped chasm / dweller's empty path spoilers 

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finally got around to finishing up Dweller's Empty Chasm, and oh man that game was pretty dang good! there was So Much To Do So Much To See, and the fast travel npcs were nice to have too. the main character's backstory is neat as hell too, and it suggests that (continued -- spoilers in reply below)

in another, alternate world not too many blases away, the following teams fight for dominance in the IFL: the Internet Flootball League

the Dallas Stoppage 🚦
the Atlanta Bolts 🔩
the Toronto Streetcars 🚎
the Nevada Gold Teeth 💰
the Pittsburgh Yesmen 🤵
the San Diego Party Time 🎉
the Kansas City Cornhuskers🌽
the Detroit Alarm ⏰
the Portland Line 🎣
the Tampa Bays 🏝️
the Newark Coffee Shops ☕
the Boston Marathons 🏃
the Denali Avalanche 🏔️
the Hades Tigers 🐯
the Washington Lobbyists 📈
the Internet Pirates ☠️
the New York Bodegas 🏪
the Cape Canaveral Launchpads 🚀
the Seattle Boxers 📦
the New Orleans Pastries 🍩

:blank: :balloonline_s: :blank: ALWAYS HAVE BEEN
:blank: :balloonline_s: :blank: :balloonline_s:
:beret_r: :balloonline_sw: :blank: :balloonline_se: :blackhat_l:
:body_phone_e: :blank: :blank: :blank: :body_s_w:
:legs_stand_e: :blank: :blank: :blank: :legs_stand_w:

Hey, uh, Wilmot's Warehouse is free on EGS.

You should probably, get that...

all right so after reproducing a 1950s jazz album cover with my own fursona's band, i spent some time making it into something slightly more useful - a splash page for my website.

i don't know if i'll end up using it but it's a fun idea anyway! #BudgiebinArt

same vibes as that one learning company catalog from 1994

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current mood: the original album cover for barenaked ladies' first album

fucked up that you can only dedicate serious time to art if you either
1. have another income source
2. are willing to make the most commercial garbage imaginable
3. are willing to live in poverty

David Tennant's mortal enemy, David Landlord,

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