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hey did yall know that in a recent survey of homestuck fans, most people hated the epilogues and hs^2??? just something to note

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part 2 i guess?

things i love:
❤ 90s and early 2000s-era computers
❤ webcomics (homestuck and PREQUEL, especially)
❤ art + graphic design
❤ ambient music
❤ Minecraft
❤ doom gameplay mods
❤ MSN Messenger (
❤ the cellist from jazztronauts

things i hate:
🚫 terfs, bigots, nazis, etc
🚫 anxiety and a general lack of self-control
🚫 the cellist from jazztronauts

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hi. i'm SC, but you can also call me sprite. i'm 23, male(?), autistic, probably have a lot more disorders, and i have a brain made of literal garbage.

my portfolio includes:
- a youtube video with Windows versions that are entirely fake
- a website nobody visits (DM me for the link)
- a metric heckton of design + audio projects i never finished
- anxiety, self-loathing, and bad decision-making


(p.s. fuck terfs)

I don't have the energy to say this nicely but:

every day I go out into an un-shut-down society, where folk aren't wearing masks or social distancing, to distribute food to the homeless (and whoever else wants it) for 2-3 hours each day.

I don't get paid to do this, people (who aren't interested in food) are incredibly antagonistic, I get coughed on intentionally, not to mention the general risk of like, doing food distribution into a population that p much can't wash their hands or stay properly sanitized.

so any support y'all can give me is great.

I accept money at

you can mail cloth face masks, food or seeds to me, DM me for an address.

(this status brought to you by "wow people love memorial day shopping literally more than life itself, my town is something else")

oh howdy yall, i just bought the entire graham kartna discography on bandcamp, hbu

i should try playing pinball with a controller.

cause y'know, modern controllers have triggers on them

webmaster: codes in notepad++ and uses a SSG like a good little boy

webdev: uses twelve stacks of javascript libraries and has over 50,000 node packages installed on their server just to render a cool animation on one page

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and yes, i mean 'webmasters' and not 'webdevs.' there's a difference.

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is A List Apart just The New Yorker but for webmasters


Anyone know of any good FREE Reddit apps for iOS that aren’t the official one, or Apollo?

I like Apollo enough to have been using it for the past couple of years, but i HATE how a lot of the features are locked behind a paywall — and I really hate how it doesn’t tell you which features are paid only until you try to turn them on on the settings. *long fart noise*

core tenet of pixel art: you will always have to sacrifice detail. in bigger canvasses you can always add more but certain angles and small details wont translate clearly. so just pick the things you want to be clear and make those lines clean dawg !!!
(embedded image by Brandom James Greer who makes very cute art hee hee

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