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part 2 i guess?

things i love:
❤ 90s and early 2000s-era computers
❤ webcomics (homestuck and PREQUEL, especially)
❤ art + graphic design
❤ ambient music
❤ Minecraft
❤ doom gameplay mods
❤ MSN Messenger (
❤ the cellist from jazztronauts

things i hate:
🚫 terfs, bigots, nazis, etc
🚫 anxiety and a general lack of self-control
🚫 the cellist from jazztronauts

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hi. i'm SC, but you can also call me sprite. i'm 23, male(?), autistic, probably have a lot more disorders, and i have a brain made of literal garbage.

my portfolio includes:
- a youtube video with Windows versions that are entirely fake
- a website nobody visits (DM me for the link)
- a metric heckton of design + audio projects i never finished
- anxiety, self-loathing, and bad decision-making


(p.s. fuck terfs)

A man walks into a meat shop. The butcher says, “I’ll bet you $1000 that you can’t get those two pieces of meat down from up there.”

The man says, “No bet.

“The steaks are too high.” #DesertBus

i wonder if this year will be the year that dbfh finally breaks a million dollars in one year


I'm launching a Kickstarter tomorrow. Here's a preview. Any feedback or typo spotting is very much appreciated. 😅

black friday and cyber monday are coming up, any suggestions for a new laptop? don't wanna go too far above $1,000

lewd but not really 

tip for using twitch and supporting ppl: if you tab out and mute the stream your view won't be counted, mute the tab instead to avoid this

‪finally redesigned a pair of characters!! this adorable couple is ally and rebecca and they're disaster lesbians‬

I am professional pixel artist working on different game projects that has this comfy project.
I'd love your support so I could dedicate more time to it

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