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⚠⚠⚠ ALERT!!! ⚠⚠⚠

In this site update:
- A brand-new page, which contains links to various fanpages!
- A subsite dedicated to showcasing Homestuck fancontent!

Check it out here:


check out the Homestuck fanpage here:

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[puts on giant lapel button that says 'PLEASE ASK ME ABOUT VARIOUS 90S MULTIMEDIA CD-ROM EXPERIENCES']

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hey did yall know that in a recent survey of homestuck fans, most people hated the epilogues and hs^2??? just something to note

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part 2 i guess?

things i love:
❤ 90s and early 2000s-era computers
❤ webcomics (homestuck and PREQUEL, especially)
❤ art + graphic design
❤ ambient music
❤ Minecraft
❤ doom gameplay mods
❤ MSN Messenger (
❤ the cellist from jazztronauts

things i hate:
🚫 terfs, bigots, nazis, etc
🚫 anxiety and a general lack of self-control
🚫 the cellist from jazztronauts

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hi. i'm SC, but you can also call me sprite. i'm 23, male(?), autistic, probably have a lot more disorders, and i have a brain made of literal garbage.

my portfolio includes:
- a youtube video with Windows versions that are entirely fake
- a website nobody visits (DM me for the link)
- a metric heckton of design + audio projects i never finished
- anxiety, self-loathing, and bad decision-making


(p.s. fuck terfs)


just a reminder that kinks are not inherently tied to sex and people with no interest in sex can and do have kinks too

for people outside of Portland, we have a really cool radio station here called KBOO that is a long standing member owned and operated community radio station that is fairly leftist and plays informative and fun shows by volunteers. There are BIPOC talk shows, trans shows, underground music shows, bluegrass hours, whole shows of Grateful Dead songs. And you can listen to it online.

You know what Oct 30th means? It's Double-check Your RSS Feed Day!*

Subscribe to your own feed and check:
- Is your feed getting updated?
- When you view a post, is it just the title, or are text/images showing up as you expect?
- When you click through to your website, are you getting the page you expect without errors?

Your readers will thank you!

*Ok I made this up. But maybe it's a good idea to check our feeds at least once a year anyway. 🙂

caps, memetic properties 


Fantasizing about how terrible the world is going to be doesn’t help literally anyone

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GODDAMNIT twitch just fixed their ads again

i fuckin HATE this arms race man

can you imagine if microsoft made a midtown madness collection with all 3 games modernised for pc

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i'm using firefox with a buttload of extensions if you're wondering

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does anyone else have this issue on Twitch where if you open the stream chat, the video goes behind the chat and when you close the chat again the video gets shrunken because it thinks the chat is open and it's not, and if you re-open the chat it goes under the chat again and AUGH

@Dee @MxCraven and then you sign off with

Fs in chat, xXPepeMc420Xx, Esq.



The 3pm meeting has been yeeted to Friday. We should still be poggers on the deadline next week.

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