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NOTE: if i unfollow you, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY. most times i only unfollow people because they post content that i don't really get but i completely respect it. if you have any questions about me unfollowing you please do not hesitate to ask me (provided you're in good faith). thanks!

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part 2 i guess?

things i love:
❤ 90s and early 2000s-era computers
❤ webcomics (homestuck and PREQUEL, especially)
❤ art + graphic design
❤ ambient music
❤ Minecraft
❤ doom gameplay mods
❤ MSN Messenger (
❤ the cellist from jazztronauts

things i hate:
🚫 terfs, bigots, nazis, etc
🚫 anxiety and a general lack of self-control
🚫 the cellist from jazztronauts

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hi. i'm SC, but you can also call me sprite. i'm 23, male(?), autistic, probably have a lot more disorders, and i have a brain made of literal garbage.

my portfolio includes:
- a youtube video with Windows versions that are entirely fake
- a website nobody visits (DM me for the link)
- a metric heckton of design + audio projects i never finished
- anxiety, self-loathing, and bad decision-making


(p.s. fuck terfs)

my brain: ball
me: haha
my brain: ball Ball
me: hahaha thats really good
my brain: thanks
me: whens the super bowl anyway
my brain: January
me: no thats something else. its like... AGDQ??
my brain: same thing
me: NAMM??? CES??
my brain: same thing, same thing

I posted this on my old .social account but I am still "relating strongly to brian wilson's powerful depressed thot/lifestyle gemini/milkshake goth looks"

Wrote about the PF launch chaos and how seeing people make fun of it on other platforms gave me quite mixed feelings, & our expectations going into smaller, less corporatized internet spaces:

oh my fucking gooodddddddd this is evergreen

(hint: look at the date)

comfy tv's first broadcast will be in 15-20 minutes if you'd like to join us!

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Jan 25: Pillowfort opens public registrations

Jan 25: Pillowfort shuts down temporarily because of anyone being able to to put any html anywhere on the site.

medical covid-19, vaccine, infographic 

COVID-19 Vaccine Is Not Immediate

Infographic by me. OK to share uncredited. Especially if you post it below bullshit news articles on 🐦.

Image: Vaccine Dose 1 is followed by a 10-day period of 0% Protection, labelled DANGER AREA. After the Danger Area, another 11-20 day period of 80% Protection occurs, leading into Vaccine Dose 2. A 7-10 day period still at 80% Protection transitions into the Ongoing 95% Protection period.

plush toys for adults should not be a questionable thing or a kink-only thing

hey does anyone know where this theme comes from? i heard it in a dream and i'm almost certain it's from mario or something but i can't place it

TRENDING: GamerJasonDude (5 million subscribers but you've never heard of him) has said a funny on dream smp, fans everywhere are thinking he's the funniest dude to ever grace this earth

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nsfw text, dark souls 

we made gluten free bread but i labelled it like this and my roommate said "dark souls message"

please read this fanfic about rose lalonde reading the torah and petting her new cat


i hope i don't regret this lmao. my rsd is regretting this enough

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left a question about it on their talk page. we'll see where this goes

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