i somehow rolled a critical fail on trying to nap and woke up even more tired than i was before

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weather complaining but i'm in the other hemisphere so in the opposite direction than you'd expect Show more

if i name my dratini Snek do i have to change her name to Wingsnek upon evolving to dragonite

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if i ever become empress of anything my first decree will be to swap the meanings of the words 'empirical' and 'imperial'

sigh. no water in my apartment. might be fixed by the time i get home again, hopefully...

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i like it when solstice actually falls on the 21st. feels neat.

anyway, happy solstice!

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look i'm not saying you have to be good at chess to try to write a chessmaster character but please look up the rules at least? so you don't make a dramatic moment that hinges on a specific move that is in fact illegal?

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it turns out that 'rain has downsides' also includes 'rain has flooded the subway line i usually take home and now i have to find an alternative route. while it's raining'

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media being shitty about nb people, all caps Show more

media being shitty about nb people Show more

all summer:
*rain happens*
"yay, rain!"
*gets wet*
"oh no, rain has downsides??"

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