mental health 

working on things that help me deal with it, which was not made easier because, y'know, depression

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mental health 

i have correctly put the two clues together (warmer temperatures, persistent anhedonia that is more easily alleviated in the cooler rooms in my apartment) and realised, yep, it's seasonal depression summer edition time


i don't check tumblr every day anymore but it seems they've been having an... exciting time

arguably serious taxonomic opinions 

if your definition of fish includes both of these then cladistically it must also include dolphins. and y'know, cats, but whatever.

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arguably serious taxonomic opinions 

mood for today: loudly insisting that dolphins and whales are fish then when someone tries to correct me point to the sarcopterygii clade

self, mental health 

i did a good job not being avoidant today and I am proud of myself

but god dammit it is draining


love letters are good and gay and goshhh~

I think my work keyboard looks like this one, actually. but i do a lot less typing text at work, let alone text in multiple paragraphs

(i literally had to pull the old one out of the box i'd put it in to compare)

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declarative vs procedural memory is a fuck because your fingers can keep mistyping things yet you look at the keyboard and you ask your brain what it should actually look like and it shrugs and goes 'idk looks right to me'

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oh no my new keyboard has a slightly different key arrangement

i keep typing } when i mean to press enter

(the implication is *not* that i think they are making a mistake, I'm sure they have reasons that make sense to them why it's not that good of a solution or that much of a problem. i'm just curious)

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i wear fingerless gloves at approximately all times for most of autumn and winter and i'm kind of curious why more people *don't*. i have the impression my hands being as cold as they are is unusual but other people still complain about their hands being cold...

work stuff 

currently updating this to 'probably my fault'. dang it, past sofi

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work stuff 

currently experiencing the rage that comes from knowing *someone* wasn't doing their job very thoroughly two years ago in a way that causes trouble for me now, tempered by the knowledge that there is a distinct possibility that that person is me

mental health, HRT 

i think my issues with access to half my hrt meds are compounding the problem, but that could be a coincidence. still would like that solved, though

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mental health, brains doing things that the people who live in them dislike 

my brain has been in an... uncooperative mood, the past few days. multiple flavours thereof!

a bout of anhedonia, an anxiety attack yesterday about what *should* be an innocuous subject but isn't, a general reluctance to work in particular directions

it's annoying and i'd like it to stop

hrt, negative 

i've been off cypro for like two weeks and the odds of getting more any time soon do not look great

people on the internet have bad opinions 

sometimes people on tumblr will approvingly reblog my posts and on the next breath talk about how they hate those fucking sjws with their neopronouns and it gives me whiplash

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