content warnings are good and important, but one of my problems with them is... alert saturation, I guess? most things that are cw'd are not things i object to seeing, so my reflective reaction is to open them, even in situations when a moment of thought would have told me 'no, that is in fact one of the ones you don't want to see'.

weh i'm sleepy and would rather not abuse caffeine right now

i have only ever owned nintendo gaming consoles*. somehow this still adds up to eyeing every non-pokemon nintendo franchise with suspicion and mistrust

*(a gameboy when i was a kid, and a 3ds i bought a month ago)

(this is not literally the first time i have done so. but, like. close enough?)

in a fit of great personal development, i am playing a Nintendo game that isn't a pokemon

i've never paid too much attention to pokemon breeding, which is why my current attempt to get my eevee to multiply has... surprised me

i thought it took longer! i have more eggs than i can hatch at once after, like, twenty minutes of actually paying attention!

i am indifferent to 'overmorrow', but i think we should bring 'ereyesterday' back into circulation

can you use emoji in passwords?

*should* you use emoji in passwords?

will there eventually be websites demanding that your password contain at least one emoji?

also: cannot bracket things to clarify sentence structure, cannot delete and redraft what i was saying when halfway through saying it

the problem with meatspace communication is that it's a lot more obvious when i am suddenly checking the internet to see if [thing i was about to say but i'm not certain of] is correct

i got gendered correctly at a club and was momentarily stunned

d'you ever just read a fic and notice super minor characters who are suspiciously detailed in both personality and design and you know the author is referencing something but it could be anything from a specific fandom meme to characters from a different work to their friends and so you have no idea what

i do

i have a current plan that is exciting but also possibly too demanding of my time

i hope it goes well

pain, minor 

pokemon is the only game where i think i am betraying my friends when i want to switch party members

"Earlier dates, in the proleptic Gregorian calendar, may be used by mutual agreement of the partners exchanging information."

it's nobody's business what calendar two consenting adults use in the privacy of their own information exchange

horror podcasts 

date formats 

quoting something and making it clear that the word [sic] between brackets appeared literally in the quoted passage must be tricky

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money, request for help getting a mobility aid, boosts very welcome 

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