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i think my prime writing time is still at like 1 or 2am

(that was definitely the case last time i wrote fiction with any regularity, but i was substantially more nocturnal in general back then)

anyway this is a problem because like. not really a practical time to be awake on most days given my life

buenos aires pride is usually in November, so this is in some way bowing to american imperialism, but i am mostly ok with that

in celebration of pride month i will continue to be exactly as queer as i always am

(if I'm being honest I don't remember if it was actually a typo or just a whim or what. anyway 'typo' is the funnier way to tell the story)

how to do worldbuilding: I typoed an s after 'god' and decided to make the main character a cultural polytheist

is 'nonstandard' a nonstandard form of 'non-standard', or the other way around

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i have new fingerless gloves which is good but they are marginally less comfy to wear than my old ones

i have somehow failed to find identical ones anywhere :(

facts about me: until like last month, i did not know that 'fly me to the moon' was anything other than the evangelion ending

fedilab has apparently discovered that time is fake and so refuses to honour the lie by showing toots chronologically

which, while philosophically valid, is kind of inconvenient

like i am pretty fluent in english and have been listening to it spoken in some medium or another since forever and i still get tripped up by y'all's vowels and stuff. how is a random demon summoner going to get passably good at chanting a dead language, what if the demon has high standards

what happens when you start chanting latin and the demon you're trying to summon refuses to show up cause your pronunciation is horrid

i have dropped my phone on my keyboard in such a way it hits the power key and turns off my computer in the middle of what i'm doing, like, multiple times.

i should probably stop that

this totally seems like i tried a bunch of things to make it fit as exactly half but no that just happened to be my methodology when checking if the virus section was technically a majority of the article or not

by wordcount, and not counting references, table of contents, and section headers, exactly half of the wikipedia article about the plural form of words ending in -us is about the word 'virus'

sometimes i notice attractive men and it's like, oh, right, i am not a lesbian

it's easy to forget somehow!

i looked it up and people apparently say that 'staff' as in like a group of people working for some organization doesn't have a plural. i think that's silly, it should have one, and it should be staves

the wikipedia article for 'Life and death' is specifically about the concepts in the game Go

the disambiguation page helpfully points towards the (separate) articles on the concepts of life and death

wait half the coverage talks about them taking a picture of Sagittarius A* but I think they're talking about the black hole at the center of Messier 87?

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