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I just published a page on WikiFur about Mastodon. Peruse, comment, and share if you please. 😸

Oh hey, I'm going to stream Jackbox tomorrow night (Wednesday 16 June). 7-10 PM EDT.

Jackbox Night on Wednesday! 

Wednesday 20th of May — Jackbox again!

In lieu of the Union Project game night, join me at for Jackbox gaming.

7-ish to 10-ish PM EDT; 2020-05-20

A performance by Tonya Song 

Coming up on Saturday. Plus, a preview of one of her new songs:

No Union Project game night tomorrow, but.... 

Tomorrow would've been Union Project game night.

So screw it. I'm streaming Jackbox tomorrow on Mixer.

7-ish to 10-ish.

Hmm. it seems on top of twitter blocking the .online domain, the .xyz domain has followed as malicious as well. Outside of Twitter various web protection software/firewalls have started auto-flagging sites under these domains as malicious and blocking access to them (unless you add them to a whitelist).

Fox Amoore's new project 

Whilst Fox is stuck for the foreseeable future in Scotland, here is a new project he, Adler the Eagle, and Tiny Dragon are working on....

I'll be guest-hosting Furry Game Night again tonight. Join us for various Jackbox shenanigans!

10:15-ish PM to 2:30-ish AM EDT

Great turnout tonight! Thank you!

See you next week -- either Steelwoulfe or I will be hosting; stay tuned!

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Assuming the storm doesn't knock out our power or internet...

10:15-ish EDT

I'm going to be streaming Jackbox tonight in about a half-hour (10:15 PM to 2-ish AM EDT) as the guest host of Furry Jackbox Night. Get well soon, Steelwoulfe.

Quuxum's 2020 Con Schedule 

As of 3 March 2020:

Definites: MCFC, AC, WPAFW
Probables: AnthrOhio
Unlikely but outside chance: FurryDelphia, FurPoc, FurReality

My wonderful girlfriend just made an appearance on the #PrebleHall podcast talking about Japanese naval history. Check it out if you're so inclined.


Tiny love stories 

You have the most interesting gold brown eyes. I think of their depths and shallows when I shut my own, knowing they’ll see through me soon.

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