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Just realized I didn't post my ref sheet to here.

Drawn by Gavin Dragon (not sure if he's on Masto), 2022. You can find his Telegram channel here:

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Welp, I guess we're back to looking at Mastodon again now that Tʜᴇ Eʟᴏɴ is going to wreck Birdsite.

Hi everyone, it's Quuxum Mephitida, the Slide Rule Skunk here. Welcome back.

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I just published a page on WikiFur about Mastodon. Peruse, comment, and share if you please. 😸

ALRIGHT! My petition to the government of Canada, to allow the claiming of asylum by trans people by reason of their country passing trans-eliminationist laws, is now LIVE.

If you are a Canadian Citizen, or a Permanent Resident, you are eligible. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN IF YOU ARE NOT IN THESE CATEGORIES.

Feel free to post the link anywhere you think it'll get traction. I'm modestly hoping we can get 10k signatures in 120 days.

Fly, my pretties! Fly!

I don't like doing a ton of promo-posting, it feels a bit weird still but we've gotta eat, so here we go. Regularly scheduled shitposting and fics will continue shortly. :heart_cyber::heart_clockwork:

While we're still messing with the idea of setting up a specific instance for an account, I just wanna put it out there that I run an independent bookstore! Our stock just recently broke 100 titles and we specialize in queer authors that often aren't stocked in traditional bookstores!

Please check us out if you love books and want to support more queer creators, most of what we earn goes back into the community to stock more unique titles and our nascent publishing works.

You can check the shop out at the link in my bio, or at the link below. Thank you for reading!

#books #bookstodon #QueerLiterature #sapphicbooks #transbooks

The end.

Thank you Ron, Chrissy, and everyone from Mr. Nice Guy Games over the years. Wonderful friends and wonderful memories have been made here, and I will be forever grateful. #Monroeville

It's the last week to pre-register with early bird pricing, and you must be registered to get the hotel booking link via email! Registration will temporarily close from Jan 30th to Feb 2nd to prepare for hotel openings. Don't miss out!

📸 @nightdragon0

Not at ANE this weekend? Come join us on Steelwoulfe's Jackbox Night! Nowish until 2 AM-ish EST.

Holy crap, that was a powerful performance -- THANK YOU TONYA!

Also, literally in the middle of the set, she released her new single on Bandcamp! Go get it; it's called "A Home In Us"!

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Hey all! If you're not at (like me), watch Guest of Honor Tonya Song🐁 play at 5 PM EDT on


Cyclist praying mantis. ☺️
A mantis sits on two fern sprouts.

Photographer: Eco Suparman

#nature #mantis

Linguistic question, slightly tasteless 

How would you spell the word for "one who is peeing"?

There's only a few weeks left to take advantage of early bird pricing for online pre-registration! You'll also need to be registered in order to receive the hotel room booking link via email. Don't wait any longer!

📸 Nxify

We would like to raise at least $1K for Give Kids The World later this month.

The money raised will not go through our hands it will go directly to GKTW.

We appreciate any help in reaching this goal once fundraising begins live on Jan 23rd.

Regular weekly streaming will return in 2 weeks. Kicking off with a week long fundraiser for GKTW.


So I just looked up who the President Pro Tempore of the Senate is. I didn't realize Pat Leahy was out of the Senate, and Dianne Feinstein, as senior member of the majority party, declined, so...

As of this past tuesday, we have a new President Pro Tempore. Do you know who it is without looking it up? I didn't.

And why is it important? With the current vacancy of Speaker of the House, this person would become President if ($DEITY forbid) Biden & Harris died.

Bandcamp Friday [shameless plugs] 

So it looks like the next won't be until 3 February. That said, please consider putting some of these amazing artists on your Wish List.

Alice Kane Wolf:
Cassidy Civet:
Nervous Vulpis:
Runtt: and
Status Ferret:
Tonya Song:

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