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I just published a page on WikiFur about Mastodon. Peruse, comment, and share if you please. 😸

Jackbox Night on Wednesday! 

A performance by Tonya Song 

No Union Project game night tomorrow, but.... 

Hmm. it seems on top of twitter blocking the .online domain, the .xyz domain has followed as malicious as well. Outside of Twitter various web protection software/firewalls have started auto-flagging sites under these domains as malicious and blocking access to them (unless you add them to a whitelist).

Fox Amoore's new project 

I'll be guest-hosting Furry Game Night again tonight. Join us for various Jackbox shenanigans!

10:15-ish PM to 2:30-ish AM EDT

Great turnout tonight! Thank you!

See you next week -- either Steelwoulfe or I will be hosting; stay tuned!

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Assuming the storm doesn't knock out our power or internet...

10:15-ish EDT

I'm going to be streaming Jackbox tonight in about a half-hour (10:15 PM to 2-ish AM EDT) as the guest host of Furry Jackbox Night. Get well soon, Steelwoulfe.

Quuxum's 2020 Con Schedule 

My wonderful girlfriend just made an appearance on the #PrebleHall podcast talking about Japanese naval history. Check it out if you're so inclined.


Tiny love stories 

Pepper's new KS [cw: strong language] 

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