Love having my lecture hour wasted by some dude whining about course load the entire time

COVID Related, Finances 

Apparently made about $2200 of profit on art last year after withholding for taxes and that felt pretty neat. I wasn’t expecting it to replace my income lost from the pandemic but at least I feel like I made a dent :)

Ah yeah stumbled on international bird markets this evening looking at pigeons

Life Updates, Introspection-fluff 

Hoo wow like… I’m just poking around in Masto again because I wanted a social media site, but like… quieter? Something that doesn’t feel like a thousand bees aggressively swarming in my head.

So much has changed recently too! I finally had GCS, I’m married, and tbh like life is good, in SPITE of the pandemic ongoing. I want to spend this year really tweaking and improving on the foundation these past few years established for me.

Thinking about her…. <3

Credit goes to cathodegaytube over on bird site :)

Nudity, Transformation (Bovid) 

Golly, when was the last time I posted some art here? Might need to fix that!!! This was a piece for a close friend, got a lot of inspiration for my aesthetic from artists like @angrboda but I think I’m really starting to come into my own with my work. Time to keep pushing!

Trans Discourse, Birdsite 

Probably not gonna be my best aged toot. Just wondering and feeling like I don’t see this kind of vitriol much beyond twitter and conservative communities.

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Trans Discourse, Birdsite 

Sometimes it’s hard to feel if transphobia is really aggressively rampant or if it’s just Twitter being such a good insulator for that breed of bigotry. In personal experience it has been very chill but it’s prob just privilege. Idk.

Take me down to the estrogen city
Where my skin gets soft
And I grow some titties

Sad Friend Shit 

I just peeked back in to see my old posts with art I did for someone who, well, seems to hate my guts now and won’t even show the decency to let me know what I did wrong. Just hold it over my head and slowly carve their way around me. Maybe for the best for us both but yeowch. All I know is I hope that if I hurt them that they feel better now.

cw; durg 

fucc im... dankrupt... tiem for kief

Spent a good part of yesterday where Tootle would crash on startup, then suddenly work again.. wondering if it was some weird network policy affecting it, or some timestamp issue like the git repo seems to imply..

Now just in the business of learning how to use more and more of my desktop without touching the mouse because I will become that elite hacker on the tv show B)

Back on my Tootle game, found a decent GTK theme to blend enough with the Plasma interface so it isn't 200% dissonant

Wow I uh, just blew through those Packet Tracers. That felt surprisingly pleasant. I find it weird that when reading the content in text it feels baffling, but application of the lessons feels... second-nature??

Grumpy, now. 

That... absolute tempest is over now, the people decided to disperse. I get that it's primarilly an issue of not having loud enough audio for drowning out the folks around me when studying, but I shouldn't have to rupture my eardrums to get some quiet studytime in an academic environment :B (I mean, there is a cafe just downstairs that's better suited for social interaction!


I love when the campus "quiet" study spaces become loud conversation central. Yeah Harold I want to hear you screaming about fucking soccer I am not trying to study or anything fuck thaaaat :^)

Still wishing I could find the perfect iOS client for Mastodon. Using Mast, and it’s just about there but notifications and some odd bugs just seem to keep it below par for me :/

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