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as much as i love macOS, old Windows user interface design with those grays and beiges and embossed controls will ALWAYS be appealing to me

all of my usability concerns goes out the window if you gimme those gradient titlebars and buttons with edges so sharp they could cut me

it hasn't been fun lately! some things are more important to me, i guess

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probably going to stop, or at least tentatively suspend, my japanese studies

i'm trying to manage my ongoing struggles with attention issues and having to sit down and look at flashcards for a few hours every day isn't helping

(don't crosspost) hey haha you should listen to the song i pinned on my profile =)

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i think my music is a funky little goofy thing

i accidentally tipped over a plate and couldn't hear it. seems like airpods adaptive transparency works? this is wacky…

i thought my ears glitched because i couldn't hear it hit the dish rack

this is probably the most benign observation ever considering that it makes sense once you factor in the film's subject matter, and i'm not trying to argue that it's objectively good, but still 🤔💭

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i do think it's interesting how me and my close friends (the vast majority of which are queer asian-americans, children of immigrants), unconditionally love Everything Everywhere All At Once to death

meanwhile, the majority of people i've seen the movie fail to land with online are white

my boyfriend gave me some cute hawaiian shirts i'm gonna melt into a puddle

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Twitter is breaking in the weirdest ways. I've seen replies missing from retweet views, missing search results, people have reported that replies sometimes don't work... it really is bitrotting, in quite the fascinating ways.

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i can't believe that my shitpost about inspecting the value of the expression `c / c++` to determine what compiler you're on turned out to _actually_ expose a difference between gcc and clang

int c = 1;
int d = c / c++;

in GCC, both ints are `2`; in clang, `d` is `1`

not quite sure what to think about quotes being added to the roadmap tbh

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I didn’t poll to force the issue, my brain normally doesn't work this way (and this week it barely works at all).

But really happy to see the quick response from the project, having support server side will make for a much better experience all around.

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recent IINA versions seem to be more buggy than usual..

i need to kiss men or else i will shrink to the size of a grape and explode and leave a small stain on the floor

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i like how ivory takes the emoji in your name and uses it as a badge

i really wish mainline mastodon had text formatting :blobcatnotlikethis:

i literally remember standing in the lunch line at high school typing in the github issue thread about it, just feverishly unleashing my teenage energy into my phone and we still don't have it

(don't crosspost)

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