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self promo 

my instance federates with over 6 pages of other instances despite its inactivity (i put it on a relay for a bit, then turned it off)

i've been considering migrating to it but i kinda like it here right now :blobcatcoffee:

chitter is nice n cozy

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c language parsers dont open 

creative coding sounds so good right now

stepmania (ddr simulator) rambles 

stepmania (ddr simulator) rambles 

huh well i meant to put that in the cw field but it works i guess

absolutely cursed boomer image that i just made (it's so bad)

all of my compute power originates from a cluster of decommissioned windows xp machines that were gratuitously donated to me from my local school district(s)

turning on the dark mode option in my documentation viewer ramps up its RAM usage to ~1gb, probably because it's slapping a invert(100%) filter on the webkit view

if mosquitoes get in i'm shutting down the area

oh yeah it's peak california hours

(100F, 38C)

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suggesting that
we would not
monitor this

VVVVVV's soundtrack makes for good dev music

looks like i broke my prompt so the right side of my terminal is constantly ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

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