the impending heatwave has convinced me that it's time to bring the blahaj downstairs

you are neat and cool! keep on doing what you do.

seeing people get rewarded thousands upon thousands of $$$ for bug bounties is really enticing me to mess around with some shit

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what's it called when you know way too much about your interests but lack common sense

lazy is using your phone flashlight constantly instead turning on a lamp

luna said fedi is 1.88 degrees of separation and i think that's very true

i have translated the owo text generator to haskell

oh wait now my first ever actually "useful" haskell program is going to be this, nice

is anyone else seeing masto not federate pleroma users' avatars correctly? :oh_no:

for now i blame masto

it's pretty illuminating to select a random user from the federated timeline, open their twitter, and see a buncha "followers you follow"

hey, nice to see that masto/fedi hasn't lost its cozy feel. still feeling safe and snug :blobpats:

incessantly online bastard continues to ramble about types and functions to a distracted audience

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