static type checker but all of the error messages are piped through uwu text-ifier

you literally have to ask the owner to remove you

i hate how people can just add you to google team drives without consent... and you can't leave them either

what's with tumblr and not showing post timestamps?

looks like the only remaining traffic on my (now gone) instance consists of fediverse trackers (for lack of a better term) (, etc.)

good to see that the HTTP 410 Gone was obeyed!


website: we have a desktop app now!

me, internally: please don't be electron please don't be electron please don't be electron

i haven't written code for 3 weeks and i'm immediately jumping into some rust!

it's interesting how apple chooses to completely omit the full product price from the surface-facing branding pages and instead shows the trade-in price 🤔

it's super disorienting because i always expect it to be dark out there at night but right now it's looking like a football field lit up

it seems as if the the bulbs of the street lights outside have been replaced, the streets are completely lit up?

actually got to delete some stuff from the todo list today

<slice> yall
<slice> is 0 a natural number?
<nep> obama

as it should.*

i sure do hope it does because i'd like my traffic to not be 99.9% fediverse traffic from now on

i wonder if mastodon nukes an instance from its cache if it gets a 410. it should.

oh yeah, yesterday i finally took the jump from chrome to firefox. i'm pretty happy with it.

unfortunate, but understandable: firefox's resistFingerprinting disables support for websites detecting your preferred color scheme.

self-destruct has finished, going to be replacing the routes now

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