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whoever just went past my house in their car absolutely BLASTING king gizzard and the lizard wizard: i see you and i respect you

i feel like liberals want there to be a magic pc dictionary with one edition that is a perfect shibboleth for who is good or bad instead of having to understand many people and their different contexts and you know, maybe being a good and kind and just person in ways that take more effort

i could stare at lab-grown bismuth crystals for hours, it's so cool

the blues brothers is a true antifascist film. the entire thing is just one huge "acab" scream and also they literally say "i fuckin hate nazis" before trying to run over a group of nazis with their car

also its full of absolutely fantastic music

the philosophy tube charity stream starts in about 4 minutes btw!! come along and raise some money for a good cause and also listen to some shakespeare

playing videos about communist theory in the tower unite plaza theatre to radicalise the gamers

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exam results, caps, positive 

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i am immediately distrustful of anyone who starts moaning about the toxicity of cancel culture when someone they like gets outed as a sex pest. it's just covering for them with a vaguely woke veneer and it tells me that you're someone i can't trust to be honest or sincere with me
handling these things in the DMs means people on the receiving end don't know about each other and opens up people who aren't in the know to harassment. it's how people get away with it

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Please consider CWs on climate change, in the same vein as uspol/ukpol/etc, and for the same reasons.

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