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:kirby_happy: Commisions are open! :kirby_happy:
DM me for details, i have no queue currently and im very flexible with requests :3

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the duolingo owl is nonbinary confirmed

okay yeah i said i was going to bed but i was doing one last duolingo lesson and look at this question!!! holy shit!!!

goodnight to everyone but especially avie and mark

the switch was actually a terrible invention because now i can play undertale in bed instead of sleeping when i need to study tomorrow

@codl you must be really tired after making all this goddamn content

i cant believe that only one person on the whole of chitter actually makes content

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one of these days ill get a hebrew speaking follower who interacts with me... one of these days

אני חושב שאני רוצה כריך. אבל יש גם פסטה.... הממ

אבל... אני לא יודע איזה אוכל לאכול /:

אני עדיין במיטה אבל אני רוצה אוכל

i kinda wanna update mocha to make him look more like an actual civet but idk

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@Kaffe do you have any good african civet images

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