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Found I had a .2 micron so I doodled Cypress.

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if your post/image is nsfw:

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CWs aren't just about avoiding content Show more

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drawing of cigarette, furry Show more

can u rlly not pin toots on tusky :sa_confused:

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👐 Pet him regularly
🍓 Feed him strawberries
🚫 Dont rub his fur backwards
🍃 Take him for long walks in the forest 🐱 Let him chirp!!!!

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me when i had this made on cafepress in 2016: dumb, this will stop being funny in 6 months

me taking this out of the cupboard in 2018: haha BEEN

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Find out your GAY NAME!

Your first name +

*gets down on one knee*

My last name

my sister came out on top but we all know who the Real winner is: Henny the cat

hes wearing the top hat piece

just gonna....... sneakily add my telegram to my bio

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Hi everyone! Mama Ash here with your daily reminder that self-care is important and should take precedence over everything else. You can't help anyone if you're not taking care of yourself! There are people who love you, and I'm one of them. <3

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mastodon is a good reminder that the technology in our lives is largely planned, funded & developed by capital, and we need to free ourselves from it... it does not follow some inevitable path.

technology can be good & the process for its development should not be controlled by rich people who are interested in shit like asteroid minerals & apps so you dont have to do your laundry

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Introduction post for a weff ++ Show more

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@slimepunk I set the cash on fire and fling the property cards into the ether, screaming about revolution. I am permanently banned from playing Monopoly

im not in anymore but im the banker

this game of monopoly has lasted two days and only 2 people are left