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heck i have to leave in 10 mins and im not wearing trousers

also hello i hope everyone is having a good day

also thinking about this shop i saw on the way back from Jerusalem

thinkign about my fursona snuggling my bfs fursona

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me: היי נייט..... ממזר
nate: *immediately loses his goddamn mind*

i borrowed a hebrew language book from the college library (they had exactly One) so i could use it to help me learn but all it did was mean i could read out all the swears to my bf over discord to make him laugh

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literally all i did yesterday was watch barshens so now i have to spend all day working on my assignments

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I hadn't seen this! I love it. "Self-Repair Manifesto"

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So you're not going to take my soul?
"I mean, I wasn't planning on it."
But... isn't that your job?
You're a *demon*.
"Well, as a group, demons aren't famous for our obedience and respect for convention or authority."

a dude just got on the bus with 2 keyboards sticking out of the sides of his bag and honestly same

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