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:kirby_happy: Commisions are open! :kirby_happy:
DM me for details, i have no queue currently and im very flexible with requests :3

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though Envy was the team captain for the Defiant so I wonder how that situation is gonna play out going forward..

and folks are wondering what this means for Geguri on the Dragons who seems to be perma-benched these days

#gameing | #gaming | #OverwatchLeague

i posted this and then my dog went "aawaaawrarar" so i think she agrees

it bears repeating that chubby dudes are supremely valid and you don't have to be skinny to be hot

ive been playing animal crossing pocket camp again while ive been stuck in bed

if anyone still plays it hmu with ur friend codes!

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you all may have noticed that being bedridden means that i am Extremely Online

Friendly note to new snooters: please remember to include descriptions in your media uploads wherever possible! They don't count towards your character limit, they help provide context in some cases and it describes the image/vid for vision-impared and bandwidth-saving users!

its a really neat feature of mastodon!!

this is the sky right now at 1:55am

also i put my phone out of the fucking window to take this pic please appreciate how nice it looks

Befriending artists to get free art :drake_dislike:
Befriending artists then paying them extra :drake_like:

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