generic names for when irl quidditch gets sued 

quidditch: squishy

snitch: mitch
seeker: mitchfinder

chaser: quarterback
quaffle: queefle
keeper: the eternal sentinel of the hoop

bludger: badger 🦡 (emoji is part of the name)
beater: terf-hunter

broomstick: rake

was planning on doing another halloween song + novembeat, but honestly i'm recovering from some pretty bad rsi, & then moving soon, so maybe my music is going to be on a hiatus til like december.

which is okay.

UPDATE: im not an expert on ancient greek music theory but if im reading this right, her mixolydian mode was roughly similar to our locrian mode

which is EXCELLENT because locrian mode is very good and now its also confirmed to be gay

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however, go ahead and use mixolydian for your gay songs anyways cuz mixolydian is awesome

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she's also said to have invented the mixolydian mode, but iirc "mixolydian" to the ancient greeks was very different than what we think of as mixolydian today

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sappho invented the plectrum

you heard it here first folks guitar picks are lesbian culture

i started to type a post where i say "ah the genders," and then i list all the characters in the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny but then i realised that i don't really know most of those characters so i dont know how to write their names

psa: daylight savings ends at 2am on sunday, november 1

in other words, there will be an extra hour during the night of halloween

today i found out that the podcast that i wrote this track for, which i assumed was defunct because of Reasons,

still exists under a new name (Red Game Table) & still uses the theme song i made for them

and im just glowing honestly

psa: if you wanna try ableton live 10 you can claim a lifetime serial for live 10 lite for free until the end of december

live 10 lite is what i currently use, and while its confusing, i like it alot.

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