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Hey all! I'm Sugar, more commonly known as Dos.

Things I am all about:
* Pokemon
* Furry
* Video Game Analysis
* Newspaper Comics
* ZZT (
* Small code projects
* Socialism

Compared to Twitter I plan to be a little more open about what I post here, but
this isn't an explicit account or on the level of an After Dark.

took 3 months, but i finally mirrored the entire "" classic #warez collection in its entirety by painstakingly downloading every single file via ZModem batch transfers in a terminal client.

huge credit to SCiZE for creating the site and curating such an incredibly deep archive of 1990s #bbs #piracy culture. it's a veritable treasure trove for #RetroComputing #history researchers:

the mirror amounted to 160gb of BBS-shared files for MS-DOS and windows, from 1986 to 1999.

the best part of this project was figuring out how to exploit a bug in the bbs software. normally, it only allows you to download a specific number of files. i accidentally discovered an integer rollover exploit that resulted in -2994285989 files queued for download 🤣

Recreational drugs 

Having an edible tonight for the first time since last year and hoping it wrecks Me good

Foxxy progress. Slow but steady. Adding and smoothing out details and refining lighting. Being careful to avoid rushing theough anything. #TraditionalArt #Watercolor #MastoArt #Fox

MY HOBBY: watching ads on YouTube for racehorses being promoted for stud opportunities. You will never see these on TV outside of horse-racing broadcasts. But within horse-racing broadcasts they're ubiquitous. They're so, so weird, especially with the unspoken subtext.

This is the stud ad for 2017 Preakness winner Cloud Computing.

Dude is an universal word until you ask a heterosexual guy how many dudes he fucked

People worry a lot about losing knowledge — about "burned-down libraries".

Comparatively few people seem to worry about what happens if you take a billion books full of auto-generated, often-untrue junk text and *add* them all to the library.

In theory, nothing is lost. In reality, everything is lost, because nothing useful can now be found.

I think you should be able to get holiday candy for holidays that aren't real

💾 NEW PODCAST💾 In December we checked out Albion, the 1995 scifi/fantasy RPG by Blue Byte.

It might be a bit of an obscure game, but there's a lot to love here!

#DOSGaming #retrogaming #podcast does list "Cromulent" so I'm allowed to use it professionally and not have to consider if my audience was watching or even alive when the Simpsons episode aired

I mean, I can, I obviously try not to leave TODOs lingering around in my code and it's not like the false positives are all that numerous

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I can't get away with just grepping for TODO when I have masTODOn in my code. (I'm using an alias that presets arguments like -i and --exclude-dir specific to this project)

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