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Hey all! I'm Sugar, more commonly known as Dos.

Things I am all about:
* Pokemon
* Furry
* Video Game Analysis
* Newspaper Comics
* ZZT (
* Small code projects
* Socialism

Compared to Twitter I plan to be a little more open about what I post here, but
this isn't an explicit account or on the level of an After Dark.

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apparently "swords are stronger when they're forged by the light of the full moon" is an actual real thing that made swords more durable and this might be the chuuniest fact i have learned in 2020 so far

Annual reminder that I'm the one who took that Gamemaster Anthony screenshot

non-explicit but blantantly paw kink art 

I got art from Magferret of Sugar presenting their paws and i love it so much

My favorite morning activity, getting a can of soda out of fridge and forgetting to open it for 20 minutes

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you know those memes where people edited games covers to have all sorts of labels on them like "featuring dante from the devil may cry series" and "& Knuckles" and "New Funky Mode" and all that


I found one they were missing

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commission for saffron of their raccoon mechanic dude! I like him

check out my commissions!

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So I've just got this 2.5GHz dual core celeron from like 2011 now

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except I have no idea what to do with it. I originally was gonna use it as a media center PC but after I gave up on it I just used my old laptop for the same purpose

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Awhile back I got a computer from work given to me that was "broken" and no matter what I did, after I'd install an OS from a liveUSB it wouldn't boot the drive. Today I got bored and dug it out again and got it working I wrote a little about me buying a Pentium 3 computer off ebay and starting get it set up as a retro gaming PC


honestly really relieved to see Bernie starting to be the leader of general polls. I kept telling myself that most polls aren't doing a very good job representing younger folks so I really hope a "slight lead" is in fact a lot larger than it sounds

i don't know why furries are talking about The King In Yellow but i can only assume it means they're playing and it's about dang time.

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they should make a pmd game where the characters can have different classes. like bard! i want to play with an absol lute unit

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