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hi there!

my name is taylor and I'm a dogy arfarf!

I'm a demiboy (he/they/pup pronouns), I smooch @batbeeps as well as two others not on the fediverse and likes being pet uwu

Wearing your collar as a form of self-care

My side of the art trade with xalex_stitchesx on Instagram!! I love how this turned out and their sona is so pretty!!

Alright, starting my posts here with a few recent pieces! Starting with this one for Lazarus Otter featuring a lovely Sport Quattro!

My favorite toony car pic to this day is still my first! A dog girl driving the dog of a car that is the BT60B

I couldn't remember the name of the game "Dorfromantik" so I called it "Dork Mastodon" instead and I guess that's what it's called now.

Nude, NSFW-ish, PAWS. 

Having a bit of a lazy sunday and going through some old art. Definitely feeling the comfy vibes from this YCH by B4LLISTIKB34N.

Definitely think I should invest in some new leggings... Personally, I'm like, oooh, latex. I see...

(Artist on FA

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