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hi there!

my name is taylor and I'm a dogy arfarf!

I'm a demiboy (he/they/pup pronouns), I smooch @batbeeps as well as two others not on the fediverse and likes being pet uwu

You walk away from the christmas tree for 5 minutes and this happens…

I am a:


Please feel free to send in applications :snoot1:

med (dentistry +) 

root canal is now done, my tooth now looks better than it did before the crash

just need to get the other chipped tooth sorted and my missing tooth replaced and things should be back to normal (somewhat)

lovely piece of arky on an autumnal hike :3

by HyacinthineArt on twitter

med (dentistry specifically) 

now that the brace has been removed from my teeth, it feels especially weird being able to feel the gap where one of my teeth used to be

I’m dogy 🐶


(art by @/

med (+) 

good news: arm seems to be healing well, the doctor actually advised I keep it moving about and keep it out of the sling while the bone hardens

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