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Urgent request by a Latinx non-binary trans dyke! They're homeless and need shelter from the heat while they look for work


Venmo: @ garbageconnoisseur
Cashapp: $garbageconnoisseur

#donate #urgent #mutualaid #boost

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Piracy is both the only genuine attempt at digital media preservation and the only check on the power of IP laws, it's not only justified it's necessary


everytime we make an inch of progress, politicians and corporations take us back a mile...

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uspol, privacy, cops, doctors, roe v. wade 


Roe v. Wade is just the target of opportunity - the current PTBs have a long list of things they want to destroy. One of the biggest is privacy for anyone they disagree with. With that in mind:

It's illegal to lie to cops. If in doubt, STFU. Restricting yourself to "I decline." and "Not without a lawyer." is safer than speaking freely.
Cops can lie to you for any reason or no reason at all, with impunity.
Anything you say to a medical professional is now fair game for any LEO who wants it.
Long term, don't expect any legal protection of your privacy except in cases where it doesn't matter. Technology can help protect privacy; start learning now if you haven't already.

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I've made a few of these posts but there's renewed urgency.

Roe vs. Wade was just overturned, and Oklahoma now has the strictest abortion laws in the country.

They're pretty much guaranteed to go after gay marriage, trans rights, and sodomy next.

My family is freaking out obviously. We gotta get out of this state pronto. This is a serious potential safety issue.

Please help, even a little? gofund.me/8d0d1a3e


shootings, Roe vs Wade, abusive work culture, ecological disasters and everything going on right now...fucking hell

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goddammit... good things happen at a snail's pace while the worst possible scenarios we could imagine keep happening all the time and getting even worse every day...

We should all call Facebook's avatars "Zuck Miis" until Mark gets really pissed off about it.

vent, parents 

I have the kind of parents who expect EVERYTHING out of me, so no matter how much I accomplish, it will never be enough: they will keep seeing me as nothing. So why the fuck even bother?

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mutual aid req, nd trans girl needs groceries, pls boost 

hey im sorry to keep doing this but I'm completely out of food again and am struggling to find work, I could really use some support if you can manage it

paypal: tgrehawi@gmail.com
cashapp: $digitalcreature

The neurodivergent urge to make obscure references to see if anyone catches them (open full image)

Facebook algorithm 

You ever notice how Facebook puts a fucked up post in your face that they KNOW is the exact opposite of how you think just to try to make you engage in a comment war for several days? Anytime I notice, I'm like "nope, not falling for it", but it's disgusting that they're trying in the first place.

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Accepting the phrase "that's cultural appropriation" as true everytime someone says so can be extremely dangerous because it disguises as a noble, inoffensive excuse for creating hateful, gatekeeping communities such as TERFs.

Of course, some level of gatekeeping is necessary in every community (cops can't be welcomed into punk) and some jerks DO steal from other cultures and fully corrupt their ideals, like corporate buddhism or fast fashion brands selling indigenous designs and pride shirts.

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Urgent beg post, please boost 

My friend Louis is having a health crisis. He lives with a chronic condition and is having concerning and potentially lethal symptoms. He also has a birth control implant that has gone missing and might have migrated to another part of his body which is extremely dangerous. He needs medical attention but can’t afford to see a doctor. He doesn’t have a PayPal and since he lives in Ireland he has no other cash sharing apps so please send all donations to his best friend and my older sibling, Scout. Right now he may need over $1,000 but anything helps.

PayPal: coelaves or arubyskye@gmail.com
Venmo: cagefightingnun
Cashapp: $cagefightingnun

#transcrowdfund #mutualaid @mutual_aid

Capitalism corrupts everyone who lives within it. But you should NEVER let it corrupt you to the core: never embrace it because "it worked for you" or because you developed Stockholm syndrome for it, never pay miserable wages, never abuse the planet and never think of people as "consumers" for you to exploit.

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There's a game bundle on itch supporting solely queer developers, more than 500 games for the price of 1 AAA game.



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I can't believe I've started Pride Month off by seeing someone demand that LGBTQ+ people "be respectable" and adhere to "traditional social values".

Fuck that. Be outré. Be avant-garde. Be... some other French word that means "weird". Pride isn't about fitting in and going with the flow. Pride is about being yourself and doing it, well, proudly.

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