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Something that gets obscured in the ongoing nft debates is the question of a culture of commodification. If we put all else aside (i.e. ecological impact etc) there's still a question of furthering/accelerating an economic culture of commodification, transactionalism, etc.

If part of art is shaping culture, which I believe it is, then what culture are we shaping? What systems do we participate in, reject, change, and create? It doesn't have to be either/or, if can be both.

But think about which systems you engage in because "we live in a society" and which ones you are actively working to produce and maintain. These things don't just exist by some divine right, they are made and need to be continually produced.

Where are you putting your active effort? What systems, institutions, and cultures does that aim to actively produce? Versus where you put your passive or necessary effort, for instance to earn enough to pay rent.

Job quizzes be like: Would you take a bathroom break EVEN IF IT MEANT SELFISHLY SACRIFICING OUR HOLY PROFIT MARGINS?

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Be a shame if someone were to script this out and publish a tool.

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#introduction Comradery is a new subscription payment platform that is cooperatively owned and democratically controlled by every creator who uses it. Learn more about us and sign up for early access to be a creator at comradery.co

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Be queer enough to embarrass the corporate gays

Persistent USB OSes are such a powerful tool, you can turn anything with a screen, a processor and a USB port into YOUR computer and I think that's cool.

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#gaming PSA
instead of jumping on the #playdate bandwagon consider supporting one of the numerous #openHardware gaming consoles

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Some positions I'd like would be social media manager, artist for socially conscious pages (open-source, right-to-repair, human rights, ecology and so on) as well as some more light-hearted posts around the project itself and other cool relevant topics. wackymau@gmail.com

Basic necessities and more superflous stuff shouldn't be produced and distributed under the same system

Money should be a secondary system at best, not the primary way in which we get basic resources.

Then, worst case scenario is "I have to wait a couple of months instead of being an early adopter of this new device" rather than "I'm gonna starve this month while my ex-boss feasts"

It doesn't solve human and ecological exploitation, it makes it worse in most cases.
Unless you take care of those things (which disappointingly few crypto projects do), it's not "better than money", it's just a different kind of money. (2/2)

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It's weird how many crypto enthusiasts believe it "solves" money. "Money 2.0" can't solve its inherent issues, only post-money mindsets can.
It's like...instead of getting currency from a foreign country on an exchange because you have "faith" in its "value", you get it from a country-less entity. Wether you like that organization or not, they can't solve the issues that plague global capitalism because they are built under the same basic principles. (1/2)

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Please don't use Lemmy :( Human rights, oppression 

Human rights mean a lot to me. I joined the Fediverse to make the world a nicer place. My efforts are pathetically small, but hopefully make at least a tiny difference.

I used to recommend Lemmy very strongly, thought the people who develop it were nice folks interested in making the world better too.

However, recent discussions with the developers has changed my mind completely.

I am very suspicious about their motivations now.



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