i'm going to the astral plane does anyone want anything

so that's me two for two on incredibly strong intuitions about a KO thing that were actually about something just a little to the left

are you familiar with the word alterhuman? i might have a short survey for you 

i'm looking to understand why people may choose to call, or choose NOT to call, themselves . if you count under the definition and you have an opinion on it, please tell me about it! (if you're not 100% sure, you can click through to check for examples). the survey is very short, and it lives right here: forms.gle/aV4VoYt5RNcMek8a9

if ichiban kasuga and miles edgeworth did the fusion dance harry dubois would come out still wearing a maroon suit

on that last note. i feel like i see so few fictionfolk out in the wild compared to therians/otherkin/plurals/etc, which is to say. none. and i wonder why that is. i'm kind of excluding kinnies here bc they're their own culture as far as i'm concered but like. there's gotta be dudes out there who are as openly reigen mobpyscho as people are abt being a dog or whatever

really, it feels like a big fuck you to everyone who's criticized us for daring to be nonhuman and political, or 'making a big deal' out of being nonhuman at all. your comrades in the revolution will be cats and dogs, dragons and elves, plurals, rangers and wizards, fuckin. dirk strider and yugi muto. 100% serious

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frankly thrilled that the therians arising into the mainstream right now are people like maia arson crimew and patricia taxxon, hope we can continue to influence the public perception of nonhumans as anarchists and cool computer creatures

this has been a long term goal of mine for a while, restoring tiamat the dragon lady's article would also go towards this but that's a bit more of a feat i think

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desparately trying to find a tweet where maia crimew explicitly says she's a therian so i can add it to her wikipedia page so there are now enough pages to justify a 'people who identify as nonhuman' category

i'm having a feel or two after spending some time thinking about my gods and i'm letting myself be tender for a second about having the relationship i do with them and about being a part of a religious community and actually feeling somewhat fond of a good handful of the people in it. don't tell anyone

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i know alignment chart memes are old hat but i found this on my hard drive and i think it's really important

the way that -cel has been relexicalized as a suffix bemuses me. we're all remembering that that's short for celibate right

big shout out to whichever person at kfc wrote 'sorry we don't have any rice today so i just gave you extra chicken' on my ricebox AND gave me a large popcorn chicken portion instead of the small. you will be judged favourably in the hall of truth

a year ago (or possibly longer) i got some solid toothpaste as part of generally trying to reduce waste from toiletries. it's made with olive oil and coconut oil and it tastes bad and it leaves a bad texture in my mouth but i figured i'd ride it out - because y'know, i'm trying not to be wasteful - and try something else next time. after a year of use (or possibly longer) this is how much is left:

ostensibly he didn't actually have facial hair. 0% of it was on his face

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would you still love me if i had facial hair like henry david thoreau

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