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there is an art to being agender, or rather a knack. the knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at gender and miss

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I have a lot of feelings about gender. most of them are stuff like “nope” and [incoherent screaming].

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eye contact (drawn), birb person (it’s me!) 

a bird, a nerd, and a friend!
it’s me! hello!

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belated post

hi, I’m aster! pronouns: they or he, neutral neopronouns like ey/em/eir are also cool!

I’ve been on the fediverse for > 1 year, but I recently decided to rebrand/switch instances, so here I am

I’m a physics grad student doing research related to climate science; I rant about this and related topics sometimes

mostly, though, I make jokes which occasionally manage to be somewhat funny, and I sometimes post sketches. also, birds. I’m lowkey a bird!

anyway, hello!

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Did I know *anything* about Ghana's covid response before I read that article in my last boost? No, I did not, but I should have known because they did an amazing job, so here you go:

the aforementioned big rant typeset in comic sans ended up being 1300 words long

feels like all my energy went into that, now I just want to sleep zzzzzzz

hot take: the people who say that comic sans is very readable are right

homestuck fandom, homophobia/transphobia ment 

the part of the homestuck fandom that's made up of lowkey homophobic/transphobic cis straight men bewilders me

ugh why do I bother with reddit at all

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the cis should start expressing their gender without gendered terms. as a bit and as an exercise in gender exploration. I think they'd just be a lot more chill if they felt comfortable describing their gender as a hard rock album at sunset after a really sweaty run.

writing a big rant on my computer but I'm writing it in comic sans so that it's more chill

self gripe 

I used to know things but then I got too tired

now I am but an empty husk

I'm a couch gremlin

all night I sit on the couch

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homestuck, fanfic 

so there's that one part in homestuck where jane looks at a pony pals book dirk gave her where he wrote over parts of it to make it more interesting/funnier and we see a few pages

and someone went and wrote a fanfic where they continue this for the entire book and they get the tone right and everything and I'm v impressed

(haven't read the whole thing yet but there's a whole rant about the philosophy of longcat, it's wild)

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something really satisfying and reassuring to me is seeing really insecure trans people who were really cagey with their self expression slowly relax and get way more chill about gender in general as they transition


putting homestuck and the homestuck epilogues down as books I've read this year in my running text document tally of books I've read this year because why the fuck not, that's 800k words and another 200k words or so right there

hair, sensory 

okay, I put a hat on and that helped lol

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getting that weird feeling where the hyperfixation I've had for the past few weeks is fading but I don't have anything else to step in for it so I feel like I'm just kinda wandering aimlessly

hair, sensory 

having a weird time bc I'm having one of those moods where I can feel the hair on my head and it's causing me sensory hell which is kinda surreal

tempted to cut my hair but doing so is v annoying


holy fuck when did pitching machine get so many stars, incredible

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list of bad ways to respond to mh shit, 1/? 

ok here's a list of common (shitty) ways people respond to mh stuff and how they actual affect the person in question:

what you say: you aren't bad!! (you aren't broken, you're such a good person, etc)
things they will hear:
-i've tricked you into thinking i'm good, making me worse
-so there's no reason for me to be feeling this bad stuff??
-you aren't listening to me (i just explained how i did bad stuff)

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ahh my new stickers are here!!!!
they will be “””landing””” in my shop soon! heehee 🛸🖤

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incredibly controversial opinion (not actually) 

i'm fine with man buns


dang, hiveswap act 1 was really short

cool art though

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