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eye contact (drawn), birb person (it’s me!) 

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belated post

hi, I’m aster! pronouns: they or he, neutral neopronouns like ey/em/eir are also cool!

I’ve been on the fediverse for > 1 year, but I recently decided to rebrand/switch instances, so here I am

I’m a physics grad student doing research related to climate science; I rant about this and related topics sometimes

mostly, though, I make jokes which occasionally manage to be somewhat funny, and I sometimes post sketches. also, birds. I’m lowkey a bird!

anyway, hello!

hrt, adhd 

awful ds9 acab joke, references fictional occupation 

just thought of a ds9 joke that’s awful on multiple levels, oof

now... do I post it

network effect spoilers, robot feelings 

not a subtoot, broad bad take musing 

current mood: having An Emotion about gay robots

when published authors are on livejournal or ao3 or similar places like that, I instantly trust them a lot more for some reason

went for a brief walk outside. the temperature was tolerable, thankfully

chilliness levels are holding at 13%

(13%) ■□□□□□□□□□

I’ve been told that wearing oversized cargo shorts that go below the knees is a crime against fashion

I’ve also been told “be gay, do crimes”

debating going outside

on one hand: I need to walk and getting my daily steps in by pacing my apartment back and forth is a drag

on the other hand: it is late at night and still hot as hell

on the third hand: fresh air

writing gripe 

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writing gripe 

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writing, trans stuff 

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