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eye contact (drawn), birb person (it’s me!) 

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belated post

hi, I’m aster! pronouns: they or he, neutral neopronouns like ey/em/eir are also cool!

I’ve been on the fediverse for > 1 year, but I recently decided to rebrand/switch instances, so here I am

I’m a physics grad student doing research related to climate science; I rant about this and related topics sometimes

mostly, though, I make jokes which occasionally manage to be somewhat funny, and I sometimes post sketches. also, birds. I’m lowkey a bird!

anyway, hello!

A big list of unlikely or surprising Turing-complete systems:, via

My favorite: SVG is Turing-complete because it can be used to (slowly) simulate Rule 110 (and one hopes the weird boundary conditions needed to make Rule 110 Turing complete):


caps, screaming, eternal mood 

when am I not having an existential crisis tbh

earworm, existential crisis joke 

apparently I’m just making a lot of bulleted lists nowadays

adhd, childhood 

ur not prepared for how cute my boys are eating peas.......😭

tired: thumb war
wired: thumb diplomatic negotiation

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