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feel like pure shit just want her* back**

* the ever given
** stuck in the suez canal again

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Attention! At The Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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there is an art to being agender, or rather a knack. the knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at gender and miss

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One of my favorite bivalves is the oyster Gryphea. They were common in the Jurassic, when they could be found in shallow muddy environments. They were "recliners", using a boatlike lower valve to stay suspended on the sediment surface. Much of Europe is covered by sedimentary rocks from shallow marine environments of that time, so Gryphea was well known before we even knew what fossils were. They were called "devil's toenails" and carried to bring good luck and ward off rheumatism. #clamfacts

food chores 

I think it’s because I usually go in the morning/early afternoon but I had to go in the evening today instead and it was crowded :/

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food chores 

usually I enjoy grocery shopping but today I got sensory overload from it


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just got an inch off but my hair looks so much better wow (selfie)

my building’s public balcony is locked so I can’t go there. I have no rooftop access. I could go to my work building but I don’t feel like going there now (and should’ve gone half an hour ago if I wanted to). my building’s inner stairways don’t have windows except right near the bottom floor

anyway welp

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transphobic that I can’t see the eclipse bc I have no fucking line of sight to it due to buildings and my own window being on a lower floor lmfao

wasn’t so hot actually, there’s a nice breeze and the humidity isn’t too bad

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okay. okay. time to go outside. ghhhhhhhhhhh okay

oh god it is +27 celsius (80 f) outside rn over here, why is it so warm

want to go for a walk but I’m gonna get absolutely fried

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not for nothing but i take artist trading card and postcard size gouache painting commissions now and i would love to paint something for you 🖤

atc - $20
postcard - $30

both include worldwide shipping! and members always get 15% off commissions~

oh fuck lmao I also paused my watchthrough of leverage! I like the show a lot but watching shows is just difficult for me for some reason lol and I had lots of logistical interruptions (it was easier when I was watching the seasons that were streamable ig)

I want to watch more star trek but there’s so much star trek I still have left to watch and so much new stuff coming out that I get overwhelmed sometimes

also I keep just wanting to re-watch ds9 lol

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asking for money help, please boost, UPDATE :boost_ok: 

new update

as per

i will soon be finding a remote job

my mental health is finally decent enough that i can handle it

but i still need to survive til then so


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it’s so hot outside holy fuck (not really, it’s +21, I’m just boiling for some reason)

started intermittently listening to one of those sleep podcasts (the ones designed to put you to sleep) on nights when I can’t sleep and it works surprisingly well for me actually

weird how hard a time I’m having to adjusting to jet lag in what is usually the easy direction for me

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