go to gendered bathrooms and replace the signs with two random things like, a fish and a sandal, and watch as people puzzle out which one is manlier

it's not vandalism if it's an art project

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@codl -looks at graffiti artists as they get arrested- Yeah, if you say so.

@KitsuneAlicia @codl consider though there are very rarely CCTV cameras too near bathrooms/WC's for obvious privacy reasons; if they are even around they would cover the corridor approaching the two entry doors and could be a good few metres away.

CCTV quality from this distance isn't /that/ good for identifying people, especially if they are not regular visitors to the area or do not wear any kind of work uniform 😉

(I set up CCTV systems as part of my work)

@codl Now I kinda want toilet signs with random images instead of the standard ones. Probably a sod for accessibility, sadly, but a thing can dream...

@codl bathrooms split on equally arbitrary non-gender grounds

two bathrooms with a rollercoaster-style height limit on one, the other is for short people

one bathroom for tops and another for bottoms

one for people who like pineapple on pizza, one for people who don't; no food allowed in the bathroom obviously

one for people who understand binary and nine for people who don't

>be people
>eat at local restaurant
>want to punch the prime minister
>ask where's the wc
>go there
>see a fish and a sandal
>open a door
>no urinal
>this restroom is for females
>open second door
>urinal is there
>this restroom is for males
>Problem solved


sign 1: stylized person running to the left
sign 2: same stylized person, running to the right this time

@ben i thought this was going to be a monopoly joke

sign 1: go to jail do not pass go
sign 2: jail

@codl yesterday i realized gendered single person restrooms are a common thing and i just, can't get over how incredulously strange and bizarre it is that they exist and how you could literally remove the signs and nothing would change

@codl The ones in my previous office were marked with stuff like a ninja, or somebody going through a portal. (They were all unisex anyway.)

@codl This could be the next Apples to Apples style game

@codl Or put on the door what's inside.

One door with sit down toilet.
One door with sit down toilet and pissoir.

@marble @codl yes yes yes this

And clearly indicate on the outside of the door whether or not it's a single- or multi-person bathroom, since this can also be ambiguous.

Trans and non-binary people in many places already deal with enough stress related to bathrooms. Yes, in an ideal world, we would not have gendered restrooms, but while we do, let's not make it harder for people to know what they're going to expect entering a public restroom. (1/2)

@marble @codl

One example: I was in a vegetarian restaurant in Providence, RI. Instead of gendered signs, the bathrooms had paintings of insects on the doors: on one, a butterfly; on the other, a stag beetle.

I think it's most likely the restaurant was being cute and intending these as gender-neutral restrooms. But this wasn't obvious--i think plenty of cis people would expect the stag beetle to be the "men's restroom" and vice versa... (2/?)

@marble @codl

...and maybe choose to "correct" someone for using the wrong one (especially given that the stag beetle restroom had a urinal and butterfly did not).

So yeah. I'm all for removing unnecessary gendering of public spaces but the way to do that is through clear, unambiguous labeling. Creating confusion seems fun, until you realize that this confuses *everyone*.

@codl this is a bad example because to most cissexist people the fish/sandle dichotomy directly parallels the fishing or hunting/shoe shopping stereotype of men/women.

cissexists ruin everything including art.


"...okay, so, uh...this...this one is a mountain, but, uh, the other is an tractor,"


three bathrooms:

blood legion logo
iron legion logo
ash legion logo


put literally any warning symbol from Portal 2 for each side

"...ummm...okay, eel drowning, or...asbestos..."

@codl just put a sign indicating which one has urinals which one only has toilets


Replace them with a drawing of a cow, and a slightly less good drawing of a cow!

@codl in my dream cafe there are two bathrooms: one for furries and one for normies.

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