Let me just be more explicit: if your software cannot be used by nazis then your software is not free software.

This is not the correct place to fight hate speech. Block the instances. Report hate speech to the authorities. Settle it using the existing legal frameworks to do so, and if they are insufficient, then write to your lawmakers.

But if you support free software, it is not the place to address this issue, by definition.

@sir what if my software license just says "you can't use this code if you're a nazi"?

@bane @ignaloidas @sir awww... but what if I say "if you use this software you should probably punch a nazi"?

@efi @ignaloidas @sir That just becomes a useless message in software but sure include it.

@efi @ignaloidas @sir
In fact it becomes a hate crime and an apology to violence based on political views, and in a democratic country it is a reason to go to jail.

Note: if you think it's good killing nazis, in fact you're the retrograde nazi and tagging as nazi another person because thinks different from you doesn't prove them as nazis.

Relax, because you're going crazy and it will end up with a war between normal people and left extremists and you're the minority.

@efi @Alderaeney @ignaloidas @sir He didn't choose the words correctly, but what he meant, is violence against people you deem nazi without any evidence proving that they are, and that you are only calling them that purely because they disagree with you is, not good.

@bane @Alderaeney @ignaloidas @sir if they use nazi symbology and arguments, they're very much nazis???

@bane @Alderaeney @ignaloidas @sir ah, the classic bait and switch
nah, y'all full of shit
the only people who wouldn't punch nazis are nazis
pacifists punch nazis
y'all gotta get blocked

@efi @Alderaeney @ignaloidas @sir I'm all for punching nazis as much as punching commies, but what he said was correct, you literally called him a nazi but you don't explain why is he one. That's the problem, calling people nazis because they don't agree with your point of view on a certain topic.

@efi @ignaloidas @sir

I called nazi because punching people for your political belief is what nazis do, calling people nazis because you don't agree with them is the problem here, and endorsing violence to certain group of people, as i said, is what nazis used to do, you're not different from them in that aspect, plus censoring them is what nazis used to do.

@bane @ignaloidas @sir
Punching people isn't pacifist it's the same level as what hitler did with young people who went violent to other because of their political beliefs, with that shitty thinking you're only becoming what you want to destroy.
Note: I live in a country where 40 years ago was run by military fascist, and you're doing the same, they killed all people who think different from them, you're not better than them.

Primera, mi voto no te importa, segunda, vote a quien vote lo único importante aquí es la conversación que se está teniendo, así que no desvies la conversación hacia el ad hominem.
Por otra parte habría que ser burro como para votar a partidos corruptos como ciudadanos, pp o psoe, pero bueno, con la campaña del miedo de que vienen los nazis la gente ha ido como borrega a votar al psoe, un partido que en dos años de legislatura no hizo nada por los españoles.

@Alderaeney 👌🏽
pues entonces no sé qué me cuentas, los nazis deberían estar prohibidos, no es como si nacieran así

Y en qué punto ponemos la vara para prohibir a los "nazis"?
Los que no opinen como la izquierda son nazis?
Los que crean en la libertad de expresión?
En la igualdad entre hombres y mujeres?
En los que voten a partidos de derechas o liberales?
Los que no voten a tu partido?
Lamento decirte que hoy en día se ha malgastado demasiado el término nazi, podría significar lo que queráis.
Y bajo la misma regla se podrían prohibir los partidos comunistas, así que ve con cuidado.

No es mi problema que seas cerrada de mente. Ve al psicologo si eso.

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